So Fortnite BUFFED My Editing Speed...

So Fortnite BUFFED My Editing Speed...
Finally pre edits have been disabled. Now its time to reach my maximum editing speed and double my editing speed...
This video is similar to Trying My Fans Impossible Edit Courses and Editing so fast I start floating
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  • rip keyboard

    Mithrasai KaleMithrasai Kale5 dagar sedan
  • Like he ever messed up before

    Devin WillisDevin Willis6 dagar sedan
  • Ryft you have been I creative for to long lever have been in game

    Winter vlogsWinter vlogs7 dagar sedan
  • who else clicked on this vid because the thumbnail kinda THHICC

    JDJD7 dagar sedan
  • Fortnite:Let's bring out this nice helpful setting. Ryft:Lemme take some advantage with my edits.

    Lisa AlmazanLisa Almazan8 dagar sedan
    • Also Ryft editing his way to the setting

      Lisa AlmazanLisa Almazan8 dagar sedan
  • Yoo I got a challenge for you take a break off of fortnite for 1 month and get on an 1v1 me

    Ster_EditzYTSter_EditzYT10 dagar sedan
  • The things about people like ryft they mess up a lot

    Team_ ZayTeam_ Zay12 dagar sedan
  • Nice macro

    UseCode_Gyvy _UseCode_Gyvy _14 dagar sedan
  • This is the same as two weeks ago

    Sneha KSneha K15 dagar sedan
  • Fortnite:due to an issue we have disabled editing

    Boltz ツBoltz ツ16 dagar sedan
    • Lol that would be so anoying

      exotic gamingexotic gaming13 dagar sedan
  • Sadly I don’t have it

    Matthew MarshMatthew Marsh16 dagar sedan
  • BRUH

    Mark LayerMark Layer17 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Gabriel AvilaGabriel Avila17 dagar sedan
  • 眠い

    やっぱりしらすやっぱりしらす19 dagar sedan
  • Nerf Ryft pls

    Karim HatakeKarim Hatake19 dagar sedan
  • Are you a macro

    Abdelkareem AkhorashidaAbdelkareem Akhorashida20 dagar sedan
  • me as a controller player watching the battle at the end 0_0

    Thomas9854Thomas985420 dagar sedan
  • Can you add me

    Rory MathesonRory Matheson21 dag sedan
  • Me: goes through edit course with an okay time Ryft: literally builds the edit course while going through

    Mr. Mac N CheezMr. Mac N Cheez21 dag sedan
  • Ryfts edit key: how many edits are we doing today? Ryft: yes

    Mike VargaMike Varga22 dagar sedan
  • thank god :D

    Q ZrexQ Zrex23 dagar sedan
  • Is it for ps4 aswell

    saabadali burgersaabadali burger23 dagar sedan
  • hei

    JayBlue RedJayBlue Red24 dagar sedan
  • my eyes hurt now... thx ryft

    Andrew MountAndrew Mount25 dagar sedan
  • For anyone who wants to be like ryft just now u need to edit about a million times per thing u place

    Tyler SloanTyler Sloan25 dagar sedan
  • I'm subed u to u ryift

    Emily ShawEmily Shaw25 dagar sedan
  • I thought cultures was better than you at editing guess I was wrong

    FN_TrAzyFN_TrAzy25 dagar sedan
  • i am ten times faster idting then him

    Michael WeberMichael Weber25 dagar sedan
  • I just realised this was 3 weeks ago 😳

    DarkzRBLXDarkzRBLX26 dagar sedan
  • Ryft thinks he's the fastest well your wrong

    Anas_YTAnas_YT26 dagar sedan
  • Ryft: S0 Fortnite BUFFED My Editing Speed

    789veer789veer26 dagar sedan
  • Imagine a world where real life builders were a fast as building as a rift we would have been so much ahead of time

    clapacheetoclapacheeto26 dagar sedan
  • Nerf this man

    -_- Reap-_- Reap26 dagar sedan
  • The enchanted group conclusively scold because shovel jelly satisfy underneath a afraid oak. tired, tremendous interactive

    Elaine NgElaine Ng27 dagar sedan
  • Faster than sour dylan parter

    Thomas BanguraThomas Bangura27 dagar sedan
  • Beast Mode enabled

    Kelley GamingKelley Gaming27 dagar sedan
  • Is edits honestly hurt my eyes lol 🤣🤣

    BetraYal Ghost7BetraYal Ghost727 dagar sedan
  • you edit faster than i can even blink !

    ali syedali syed28 dagar sedan
  • Video Idea Get To Champion League in Fortnite

    EyesΨEyesΨ28 dagar sedan
  • Damn I wish I could edit like this but unfortunately my ps4 controller buttons can’t press that fast🤣🤣😭😭

    Foxy AwooFoxy Awoo28 dagar sedan
  • it buffed mine to

    Aro DlzarAro Dlzar28 dagar sedan
  • He use macros

    Robert plays SportsRobert plays Sports29 dagar sedan
  • Ryft if we saw ur face then why you not showing it tho

    Gamerboi playz Roblox tower of hell and fortniteGamerboi playz Roblox tower of hell and fortnite29 dagar sedan
  • I need a shout out

    spadicspadicMånad sedan
  • He uses code Flea 100%

    ElimZ AlphaElimZ AlphaMånad sedan
  • Your bields is so furst

    ayhan kaynatmalarayhan kaynatmalarMånad sedan
  • code ryft in the item shop

    Dante QuagliottoDante QuagliottoMånad sedan
  • Intense music playing! Me: thinking something good is gonna happen he dies me in shock

    Spingsummer 20Spingsummer 20Månad sedan
  • can someone tell me does he use macros

    Harison HensonHarison HensonMånad sedan
  • ME: I am on the suggestion list : suggestion list:Ryft edit cours: me : WHAT THE HECK HOW HE IS INSANE

    Isam gamerIsam gamerMånad sedan
  • If u can help

    XD PraneshanXD PraneshanMånad sedan
  • Hi I need help with keyboard and mose

    XD PraneshanXD PraneshanMånad sedan
  • Your faster than bh notluke

    Mr EastMr EastMånad sedan
  • Epic: I have my decision ryft best

    Jose Sanchez RodriguezJose Sanchez RodriguezMånad sedan
  • What’s even the content of this

    Lupe FuentesLupe FuentesMånad sedan
  • I am better than you

    Lucid_Cribzz100Lucid_Cribzz100Månad sedan
  • Hi

    g gg gMånad sedan
  • If u play this at 0.25 speed it’s still quicker then my edits

    Mrwigg430Mrwigg430Månad sedan
  • Ur so good

    ZXHT JacobZXHT JacobMånad sedan
  • lol

    Landen HedgesLanden HedgesMånad sedan
  • ⛽⛽⛽

    Toluwalase OlatunbosunToluwalase OlatunbosunMånad sedan
  • Ryft. My edits are so slow Fans. omg thats insane holy javis

    Dillan SnygansDillan SnygansMånad sedan
  • Who wants to see who is faster at editing Ryft vs BH Notluc vs BH Frigile

    Ivan RubalcabaIvan RubalcabaMånad sedan
  • Ryft: why did fortnite buff me Me: I don’t think you can edit much faster

    Ivan RubalcabaIvan RubalcabaMånad sedan
  • no one: absolutely no one: my 500 pts arena apponents:

    么 n3store ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻么 n3store ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻Månad sedan
  • Hes goated

    Rainbow boi RobloxRainbow boi RobloxMånad sedan
  • I’m not a fast editor but I am glad to see you fast Editors be so happy with it

    Juice BoxJuice BoxMånad sedan
  • are u using macros

    Rocco IsmaelRocco IsmaelMånad sedan
  • Rift ur edits make my head hurt

    Paris SevallaParis SevallaMånad sedan
  • Ryft: thats unfair The kid ryft killed:MACRO MACRO

    yt_jayyt_jayMånad sedan
  • yoo

    Mr.jeapersMr.jeapersMånad sedan
  • wasup

    Mr.jeapersMr.jeapersMånad sedan
  • So ryft broke my TV screen

    Mr SavageboiiMr SavageboiiMånad sedan
  • Faze sway is that u

    Abito CruzAbito CruzMånad sedan
  • Your insane jarvis

    Kristine JumpKristine JumpMånad sedan
  • Ryft: at his final level of editing speed Fans: he’s so fast omg 😱

    YT FxcusYT FxcusMånad sedan
  • This is my fourth time trying to get famous from comments. Pls I am on 98 rn

    TZC_ThoughtsTZC_ThoughtsMånad sedan
  • 👁💋👁

    How toHow toMånad sedan
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    AntoineBeKillinAntoineBeKillinMånad sedan
  • imiagine if architect pop-up cup would be in game right now. people like ryft , raider464 , tonzFN or flea would shit them self from happines

    Macollo_Macollo_Månad sedan
  • I'll be scared to 1v1 ryft in fortnite

    Jehmal HelmJehmal HelmMånad sedan
  • Who else thought it sounds like he said don’t forget to use code Ryft in the ice cream shop 🤣🤣🤣

    Me My acoountMe My acoountMånad sedan
  • You should do more battle royal or creative

    elllpts _ytelllpts _ytMånad sedan
  • thats him '

    Jayson andersonJayson andersonMånad sedan
  • i cant do it like that

    Jayson andersonJayson andersonMånad sedan
  • damn

    Jayson andersonJayson andersonMånad sedan
  • g

    Jayson andersonJayson andersonMånad sedan
  • gg g

    Jayson andersonJayson andersonMånad sedan
  • g

    Jayson andersonJayson andersonMånad sedan
  • gg g g g g g

    Jayson andersonJayson andersonMånad sedan
  • ryft hittin his keyboard

    Jayson andersonJayson andersonMånad sedan
  • @4:33 level shotgun???????

    DropXplodeDropXplodeMånad sedan
  • I'm sorry u got shit on by me I spamed u with my p90.

    RixyytRixyytMånad sedan
  • Can you 1v1 typical gamer?

    Musharib AkramMusharib AkramMånad sedan
  • im gonna torn on now

    WlibyWlibyMånad sedan
  • I feel like this is just them showing off their skills.

    MinecraftKidMinecraftKidMånad sedan
    • Think that’s actually the point

      arphijiarphijiMånad sedan
  • Epic: currently we have disabled ryft for 920238 years

    Screw VegetablesScrew VegetablesMånad sedan
  • it s not worcking on x box

    Plxnetz PlayzPlxnetz PlayzMånad sedan
  • Yooo anyone ever noticed how goated he is+?!?!

    mira Stancicmira StancicMånad sedan
  • Chill I can’t even see I’m just looking up down left right making my head spin!

    Speedy VishakSpeedy VishakMånad sedan