The SECRET To Editing Fast...

The SECRET To Editing Fast...
In this video I found a setting that allowed me to edit even faster than I already could...
This video is similar to Trying My Fans Impossible Edit Courses and Editing so fast I start floating
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  • My hands are in so much pain... 😢

    RyftRyftMånad sedan
    • Uh oh

      LUS EdLUS Ed6 dagar sedan
    • 😢

      Faze EliFaze Eli9 dagar sedan
    • Now you can’t edit

      Isabella Locci-McLeanIsabella Locci-McLean10 dagar sedan
    • i hope you are ok

      Jimmy DubrocJimmy Dubroc12 dagar sedan
    • Lolll

      nishathomas100nishathomas10013 dagar sedan
  • I’m on pc

    SoarclipzysSoarclipzysDag sedan
  • Dose it work on console with keyboard and mouse

    Daemon SteeleDaemon Steele2 dagar sedan
  • Holy crap this man is fast

    M1keGamezX DM1keGamezX D2 dagar sedan
  • I’m slow at editing😭

    Nita sreyNita srey3 dagar sedan
  • how can u hate bubble wrap builds!?!?

    Dee ZnusDee Znus4 dagar sedan
  • who else remembers when ryfts pc exploded lol this might happen if he uncaps hahahahahahaha

    bobby obasogiebobby obasogie5 dagar sedan
  • Who would win Raft with the edits or a bot with the aim

    Apple PursuitApple Pursuit6 dagar sedan
  • Can we just give a moment of silence for ryft's hands.

    S2S27 dagar sedan
  • I have watched you on yt since 132k subs

    Marie BinnsMarie Binns8 dagar sedan
  • It’s not really a secret if your telling us 😂👌🏽

    Cheyenne BrooksCheyenne Brooks8 dagar sedan
  • Coderyft

    Andreas VoetterlAndreas Voetterl8 dagar sedan
  • what is the code to that map

    MaximusMaximus9 dagar sedan
    • @BLAME-ZeroX thx

      MaximusMaximus9 dagar sedan
    • Its his own iland

      BLAME-ZeroXBLAME-ZeroX9 dagar sedan
  • The intro when he edits the cone it looks slow and I can edit faster

    cövaxcövax9 dagar sedan
  • Listening to the ASMR of his keyboard is nice

    ttv botloomttv botloom9 dagar sedan
  • Everyone sub

    Monster ClapsMonster Claps10 dagar sedan
  • i drop to even 7 fps in the performance but with gt 540 and 8gb of ram thats normal

    Hossein MahjourHossein Mahjour10 dagar sedan
  • Rip

    Gabriela alfaroGabriela alfaro10 dagar sedan
  • Ugh ugh

    Alex JadeAlex Jade10 dagar sedan
  • He fondled a macro

    littylitty11 dagar sedan
  • thats faaaaaaaaaaaaast

    mohamad Bassemmohamad Bassem12 dagar sedan
  • secret to edit slow just downloas macro but u will still not be fast like ryft 😈

    aEzerinoskooaEzerinoskoo12 dagar sedan
  • hey ryft what is that code for that corst is

    Jimmy DubrocJimmy Dubroc12 dagar sedan
  • Controller players watching be like: 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

    ꧁FaZe Rizwan꧂꧁FaZe Rizwan꧂12 dagar sedan
  • When you know he doesn't need to edit faster

    jordan23jordan2312 dagar sedan
  • Who else just gets hypnotised by the spam keyboard keys

    CAM'S GAMINGCAM'S GAMING13 dagar sedan
  • Let’s just be honest Ryft is at a whole new building and editing level, I’m definantly trying Performance Mode

    Dacky DFODacky DFO13 dagar sedan
  • He be way better then now if he stop shaking his hand so much while he shot and build

    Tiger GamingTiger Gaming13 dagar sedan
  • Who are my favorite SEslow or rift

    Q LeeQ Lee14 dagar sedan
  • The only thing Ur good at is killing clip bots xdd

    OskarDaSavage1OskarDaSavage114 dagar sedan
  • Try to make a quad edit invisible then do the quad edit like your invisible edit course🙂

    God Gamer 2.0God Gamer 2.015 dagar sedan
  • 👍

    AirelGamerAirelGamer15 dagar sedan
  • Well I'm still faster

    hjw08hjw0816 dagar sedan
  • The SECRET to editing fast...: Dont edit slow

    ScrugishScrugish16 dagar sedan
  • Ok. ur a god at fortnite. Thankyou

    ttv_ ameliattv_ amelia17 dagar sedan
  • 10:50 missed

    Thomas GiannottaThomas Giannotta18 dagar sedan
  • I wish you could do that on controler

    Corn JrCorn Jr18 dagar sedan
    • I meant “l”

      Corn JrCorn Jr18 dagar sedan

    Karen MatthewsKaren Matthews18 dagar sedan
  • I wish I could edit as fast as you but I have bad internet

    Killshaft 37Killshaft 3719 dagar sedan
  • ryft aka new serpentau no macro

    Sujaysync 1Sujaysync 119 dagar sedan
  • Sorry for your hand 🤚🏻

    Caleb FlemingCaleb Fleming20 dagar sedan
  • New sub bro

    Experimen TITOExperimen TITO20 dagar sedan
  • he using macros to edit fast

    telling- pole3telling- pole320 dagar sedan
  • whats the code for the coures

    Noah SholiNoah Sholi21 dag sedan
  • i have subscribed and i'm going to use code ryft

    Noah SholiNoah Sholi21 dag sedan
  • Ryft just imagine someone was 10 times faster than u and when they build like u and edit like u when u build there build go instantly invisible idk nobody but just imagine

    no cap gang kingslime_316no cap gang kingslime_31621 dag sedan
  • It is responsive because of his nividia latency. It is on plus boost

    bluekeybluekey21 dag sedan
  • Ryft sinp

    ikran shahikran shah21 dag sedan
  • It’s not your eyesight it’s just that you have 240 FPS lol

    Big HillBig Hill21 dag sedan
  • Epic: Due to an issue we have temporarily removed Ryft YT

    Weston_137 YTWeston_137 YT21 dag sedan
  • Ryft How does it feel to be the fastest editer in fortnite?

    Project YestProject Yest21 dag sedan
  • i subbed

    Norsk elevNorsk elev21 dag sedan
  • how do you get performance mode on ps4

    Y.B.D clanY.B.D clan22 dagar sedan
  • aw man its not in my settings i want to be like ryft fastest editor:(

    Nicola LacasciaNicola Lacascia22 dagar sedan
  • Bro watch it in 0.25x and it looks sick and still fast

    Soul clanSoul clan22 dagar sedan
  • Does the performance alpha work on Xbox one?

    ViceShadow -_-ViceShadow -_-22 dagar sedan
  • Cap

    Camerin ReadingCamerin Reading22 dagar sedan
  • This dudes a little bit sweaty... You tho

    PipsqueekPipsqueek22 dagar sedan
  • Can you add me on fortnight my epic Cromilo

    CroskroCroskro22 dagar sedan
  • Love u ryft say it back next video

    it's a renegade raiderit's a renegade raider22 dagar sedan
  • Make wood invisible

    Bot can noobBot can noob23 dagar sedan
  • Ryft: let's do some quad edits also ryft: doing 667346736 fooking edits

    nad zynad zy23 dagar sedan
  • Please love my comment

    Yahya AbdillahiYahya Abdillahi24 dagar sedan
  • In the pree game lobby I get 0 ping but then the match starts then I go to 30

    Brady SigrestBrady Sigrest24 dagar sedan
  • alredy subed

    Alfred OlssonAlfred Olsson24 dagar sedan
  • It’s sounds he’s on controller but he’s not

    diorbiebermspdiorbiebermsp24 dagar sedan
  • you should stay on that mode

    Statiq taichiStatiq taichi25 dagar sedan
  • Macro’s

    Undefeated-m2 RothwellUndefeated-m2 Rothwell25 dagar sedan
  • The key bourd sound yikes

    tomatico gamestomatico games25 dagar sedan
  • If you watch this at 2x speed hes a macro😂😂😂

    Xset BurberryXset Burberry25 dagar sedan
  • How’d you know

    Beat saberpro 47Beat saberpro 4725 dagar sedan
  • Will the fastest editor like this comment or reply😅🤔🤔

    DiazIan PR23DiazIan PR2325 dagar sedan
  • I play with 60 fps bro

    Angelo SalazarAngelo Salazar26 dagar sedan
  • It’s parkour plus fast editing

    KingCobra410KingCobra41026 dagar sedan
  • Can you make brick 🧱 Invisible huh I did and it hurt bc I play on Controller XBOX k

    TeeTee26 dagar sedan
  • i wish i could do that, i play on nintendo switch lite.. this sucks

    WARR BLOXWARR BLOX26 dagar sedan
  • Sooo how do u like add more setting to the video screen cuz rn I only got 6 options to change things and that about it and with u I see u got like 100 opetions to change things .-.

    Kayla GamerKayla Gamer27 dagar sedan
  • You know that's only fo pc

    antonio dea costaantonio dea costa27 dagar sedan
  • Soory ryft

    King JoshKing Josh27 dagar sedan
  • Ok

    King JoshKing Josh27 dagar sedan
  • U are insane

    FaZe ZurstsFaZe Zursts27 dagar sedan
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    hanunijahanunija28 dagar sedan
  • I Can't see what you're doing man

    Lenny MetsikassusLenny Metsikassus28 dagar sedan
  • when I used performance mode my trees looked like a 3 year old drew them

    IslaIsla29 dagar sedan
  • RYfts keyboard : Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Drizzy YTDrizzy YT29 dagar sedan
  • The best👌

    Mauro CruzMauro Cruz29 dagar sedan
  • You should try Macors

    Mason2sweatyMason2sweaty29 dagar sedan
  • wait e to edit and e to conferm

    JACOB AVINAJACOB AVINA29 dagar sedan
  • Do you have this setting in ps4

    scuff nettscuff nett29 dagar sedan
  • Epic

    Laura McDonaldLaura McDonald29 dagar sedan
  • He's not actually doing that fast if u listen closely when he's doing the edit course you can hear a fast rewind sound and like the sound is different

    Good GuyGood GuyMånad sedan
  • I'm pretty sure if I had 0 ping I could edit as fast as ryft but ya know ur boy playing on PC with 50 ping like holy shit my ping on console was only like 28 or 29

    IronIronMånad sedan
  • who do think is faster raddor 464 or ryft

    Maxim ElefterionMaxim ElefterionMånad sedan

    U-F-0U-F-0Månad sedan
  • Is IT on pc

    Igor ChludzinskiIgor ChludzinskiMånad sedan
  • my brain and my stomach cant handle this fast editing , i literally feel something unusual watching mr ryft editing

    Harshal MestriHarshal MestriMånad sedan
  • me: *edits like a default* also me: *looks at this vid and starts floating*

    RMLegencyRMLegencyMånad sedan
  • Ryft we play together my epic is faze aaron just so you know

    FaZe AaronFaZe AaronMånad sedan
  • I really need some help making stuff invis on my map and I can’t do this cause I’m on Xbox :(

    Lauren AlthoffLauren AlthoffMånad sedan
  • Ryft settings and dpi and poling rate pls

    Spark_ TvSpark_ TvMånad sedan