Fortnite $1000 Edit Challenge... (Insane)

Fortnite $1000 Edit Challenge... (Insane)
The Winner: @Zho
In this video, I hosted a edit challenge in Fortnite creative mode for $1,000! There were edit courses, edit challenges, deathruns, floating, making builds invisible, and so much more. Enjoy :)
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Creator Code: Ryft (ad)
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  • Who thinks they could win a challenge like this?

    RyftRyft2 månader sedan
    • Not me

      Bethany SoperBethany Soper3 dagar sedan
    • Not me

      fla fla Cha baba chafla fla Cha baba cha3 dagar sedan
    • I’m on west to and I play on controller

      Kobro PlaysKobro Plays9 dagar sedan
    • Not me

      Oliver BlackfordOliver Blackford11 dagar sedan
    • Maybe but I'm on us California

      kingslayer playsforintekingslayer playsforinte13 dagar sedan
  • j

    Jack WilczekJack Wilczek18 timmar sedan
  • how many ' I DID IT!!!' have i heard

    King_KobzTVKing_KobzTV10 dagar sedan
  • The Toney stark shaved hi Ibros for money

    Fusion FinnFusion Finn11 dagar sedan
  • i can easly win this bro

  • Poor spaidz

    Cole GarzaCole Garza18 dagar sedan
  • I can’t believe zho is there

    Yummy VlogsYummy Vlogs20 dagar sedan
  • The mans voice crack XD

    RaazboiRaazboi20 dagar sedan
  • the end got me

    Amin DontmindAmin Dontmind22 dagar sedan
  • Omg thats zho

    Stacy Monroe PStacy Monroe P22 dagar sedan
  • What is map code

    Max NicolsonMax Nicolson22 dagar sedan
  • Next week can i please 1v1 edit with you please

    laghslaghs22 dagar sedan
  • Ryft was the first I ever subed to

    Orange CheeseOrange Cheese22 dagar sedan
  • Lets go zo i watch all his vids tell him i said he was a very good player plz🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Jaiden BakerJaiden Baker23 dagar sedan
  • Ryft pls plqy teamrumble with them all and turn everything invisible

    Hunter gamer _HDHunter gamer _HD23 dagar sedan
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    BumiBumi23 dagar sedan

    LukeplazzLukeplazz24 dagar sedan
  • The traps won

    CrazyxprosantaCrazyxprosanta24 dagar sedan
  • Last time I was in one I got to do a edit thing

    Reat ChhatReat Chhat24 dagar sedan
  • White super hero was me ;)

    yellow chickenyellow chicken25 dagar sedan
  • Me

    Pro patience fortnitePro patience fortnite25 dagar sedan
  • Me

    Hugo HodsmanHugo Hodsman25 dagar sedan
  • The guy screaming I wonnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    BrianBrian25 dagar sedan
  • Lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    ScriptidψFNScriptidψFN25 dagar sedan
  • Sup

    Wazify GamingWazify Gaming25 dagar sedan
  • My friends here

    Gamer boy GamerdonGamer boy Gamerdon25 dagar sedan
    • Justin

      Gamer boy GamerdonGamer boy Gamerdon25 dagar sedan
  • BRUH That guy doesn't stop screaming

    not_danikssnot_danikss25 dagar sedan
  • Im to young to have tweeter but can you do your announcements on insta

    Fe4RLess godFe4RLess god26 dagar sedan
  • Let’s go zho

    YurcieYurcie26 dagar sedan
  • How the hell did u get Zho in this

    TRI CompliXTRI CompliX26 dagar sedan
  • Rift you can add me I edit fast my user name is ianmanu

    Ian DiazIan Diaz26 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Alya AlkaabiAlya Alkaabi27 dagar sedan
  • Nice 🤪

    Bruno GazarekBruno Gazarek27 dagar sedan
  • Can u add me I am poop

    luke tluke t27 dagar sedan
  • Let’s go zho

    LilJ 2306LilJ 230627 dagar sedan
  • Hey for this this challenge 10:10 I would’ve just held edit on a platform and just stand on it

    Durpy BurpDurpy Burp27 dagar sedan
  • Hes Ugley

    KK SmithKK Smith27 dagar sedan
  • I love Ryfts content cuz he’s family friendly keep up the good work ryft

    IsaacForeverIsaacForever28 dagar sedan

    Tierra SloanTierra Sloan28 dagar sedan
  • Insane

    Chase StewartChase Stewart28 dagar sedan
  • I actually met vexlmao in real life

    Leegen 2008Leegen 200828 dagar sedan
  • Friend me I want to be like your edits (bandy loki) (username)

    cool kids nice kidscool kids nice kids28 dagar sedan
  • u never invite BH Fragile

    Lucky FatalLucky Fatal29 dagar sedan
  • Yayyyy zho I didn’t expect him in this vid

    IdkIdk29 dagar sedan
  • Me

    Faze DanteFaze Dante29 dagar sedan
  • I’m a fast cone editor

    Zackham FamilyZackham Family29 dagar sedan
  • Dear rift i hope one day I can play with u

    Lux WillLux Will29 dagar sedan
  • Me

    Lux WillLux Will29 dagar sedan
  • defintetly not meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Rocki logiRocki logiMånad sedan
  • i Will NOT could do that sh**

    Benjamin SchlüsselBenjamin SchlüsselMånad sedan
  • Add me

  • Ryft this my epic it is XTovar4

  • Me


    oshaq mangioshaq mangiMånad sedan
  • This is not cool this is not right it is mean

    Pulser_xdPulser_xdMånad sedan
  • Lets go zho!!!

  • Ryft you look like not luc

    Venomz St4rVenomz St4rMånad sedan
  • Omg u know zho

    Jeff PriceJeff PriceMånad sedan
  • Rift 100% faster then not let c he’s trash kid

    Roxi WoodsRoxi WoodsMånad sedan
  • Ryft: 15 edits 1 second your so bad Me: wtf your insane

    TT9 ExoTT9 ExoMånad sedan
  • Lol zho was in it lol

    TZC_ThoughtsTZC_ThoughtsMånad sedan
  • people who didn't expect zho *like my comment*

    Carmen NorrisCarmen NorrisMånad sedan
  • AgAiN wHy

    Aidan SchreiderAidan SchreiderMånad sedan
  • The among us Music

    L nastyL nastyMånad sedan
  • Why am i happy that zho is on the vid❤️🤘

    dark sidedark sideMånad sedan
  • I think this is more of Zoe screaming in our ears then anything

    SN RxckxtSN RxckxtMånad sedan
  • Bro zho94 is my guy with his omegle and stuff

    J CAREYJ CAREYMånad sedan
  • YOU GOT ZHO!!!!!!

    M3LTZM3LTZMånad sedan
  • Why would you do the challenge if it’s impossible thatspointless

    Joseph DufresneJoseph DufresneMånad sedan
  • yessir zhoooooo

    Ego EnvyEgo EnvyMånad sedan

    Brendon RuvoloBrendon RuvoloMånad sedan
  • WTF

    Zmanjax44Zmanjax44Månad sedan
  • even zho did it hahaha

    Raul ExploitRaul ExploitMånad sedan
  • Bald gang

    Jayden WagnerJayden WagnerMånad sedan
  • Seeing the omegle master🤣🤣🤣

    MeexMeexMånad sedan
  • I used you code

    Lazar GogicLazar GogicMånad sedan
  • I won I won i won I won I woooooooon

    Harry WaideHarry WaideMånad sedan
  • Zho is the best 😂😂😂

    Anthony MartinezAnthony MartinezMånad sedan
  • I like how zho is in the vid

  • Ayo zho was in this

    DuhitsrizerDuhitsrizerMånad sedan
  • I won I won!!!!!!🤣😂😂

    Dark cookieDark cookieMånad sedan
  • Zho LOL🤣🤣🤣🤣

    KE RyukKE RyukMånad sedan
  • Wtf I never seen so much edits

    Samantha WilliamsSamantha WilliamsMånad sedan
  • Zhooooooooo

    F n b ________F n b ________Månad sedan

    Karen RevereKaren RevereMånad sedan
  • Hi I like ryft he does not macro

    Cason CoheaCason CoheaMånad sedan
  • C

    Eric KooistraEric KooistraMånad sedan
  • Ryft you are the best ever you and other yters have help me through ups and downs you are the best thank you

    Zolkz da boyZolkz da boyMånad sedan
  • Who else had a feeling that the guy that kept appearing with a facecam would win from the beginning

    SoloCascade FNSoloCascade FNMånad sedan
    • Me

      Team_Blendz FNTeam_Blendz FNMånad sedan
  • Take the L

    VENZYLVENZYLMånad sedan
  • Im slow as fck

    Jennifer pritchardJennifer pritchardMånad sedan
  • wait zho plays fortnite and knows ryft!??

    Weird EditsWeird EditsMånad sedan
  • 1:36 i didn't know zho plays fortnite what XD

    Gen WarperGen WarperMånad sedan
    • same wtf!?

      Weird EditsWeird EditsMånad sedan
  • I joined the discord

    Tw1llsTw1llsMånad sedan
  • Me: **Sees Ryft video** Ryft:OH HAYLL NO Me:MACRO TIME

    High IQ GamesHigh IQ GamesMånad sedan
  • I never knew you knew zho lmao 😂

    Wave FnWave FnMånad sedan
    • same wtf?

      Weird EditsWeird EditsMånad sedan
  • Ryft add me and edit race me My epic is gangsterzim

    RappidzRappidzMånad sedan
  • 11:40 rip oidos

    B1acKツB1acKツMånad sedan
  • not me

    Miguel GaddisMiguel GaddisMånad sedan
  • 1v1 at 2:50

    Nelson TollinchiNelson TollinchiMånad sedan