The Flash has arrived in Fortnite, I tested out the brand new skin in the hardest edit courses. This video is similar to Trying My Fans Impossible Edit Courses and Editing so fast I start floating and Breaking Fortnite Edit Records.
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    • Who else thinks ryft should do a video with limit hog btw she probably one of the fastest girl editors

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    • Your insanr your better den ninja

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    • cxltres is faster lol

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  • My phone lagging watching this

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  • 0:43 it looks like Travis Scott skin

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  • how tf is he this good

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  • Flash: Hey I'm Barry Allen and I'm the the fastest man alive Ryft: Hey I'm Ryft and I'm the fastest editor alive

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  • Since I found the way that you play you got me better at fortnight cause I change that to my settings on my computer thank you for playing Fortnite and thank you for being awesome use code Rift

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  • Bh notluc if I win you have to be my valentines. Ryft:okay I’m not going to lose ryft entering flash speed edits kills bh notluc mr looking at the screen bh notluc left the party

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  • Ryft free building us trying to keep up what he is doing 🧐

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  • 10:00

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  • U can barely see bruhhh I can't see anything

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  • next vid Editing so fast my fingers go invisible

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  • Ryft : Im messing up these edits Me : bruh i cant even do that

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  • 0:38 So first im going to edit and build normally starts to edit 100000x faster than me

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  • Literally shut the fuck up and let me crank and edit and make stuff invisible

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  • Do you use macro expose now!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Rift: I can't see with that speed Me: you can see at normal speed?? DAMN RIFT YOU'RE REALLY FAST

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  • 2021/02/20

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  • 8日

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  • Ryths edit speed made me wanna become a minecraft youtuber because I can't compete with him

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  • What did he sayy

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  • His real name is Barry allen

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  • Jeez this is really how good you can get at fortnite i want real defaults back

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  • i think ryft had to much g-fuel

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  • Did he get faster?

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  • Flash's name in the show is Barry Allen

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