My NEW Edit Bind BROKE The Game... (Insane)

My NEW Edit Bind BROKE The Game... (Insane)
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In this video, I used a new edit bind in Fortnite in Creative mode. I went into creative fill with my fast editor friend and we started floating. This was insane, enjoy.

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  • It’s like quad binds but even faster that is quad binds just on keyboard

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  • Where are you can do that all the time all you have to do is legitimately get Exemouth control but I need to rewind your keys yeah that’s in

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  • Keep up the good work im on cantrolre and edit like a macro

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  • Bro ryft is insane at fortnite

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  • i misread the titile as "my edit bind broke midgame"

  • 3:12 that what the frick was weird

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