I quit fast editing...

I quit fast editing...
My hands were still in so much pain from the challenge last week, so I tried winning a game without editing at all... enjoy :)
This video is similar to Trying My Fans Impossible Edit Courses and Editing so fast I start floating
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  • Good thing I have a robotic finger... wait...

    RyftRyftMånad sedan
    • Ladies and gentlemen we gotam

      Plx BiroPlx Biro12 dagar sedan
    • What

      Tommy 35 Shooyook etTommy 35 Shooyook et16 dagar sedan
    • @cheeky chor what??????

      Qwerty Gaming !!Qwerty Gaming !!21 dag sedan
    • 𝚌𝚕𝚒𝚌𝚔𝚋𝚊𝚒𝚝

      tank gang subtank gang sub23 dagar sedan
    • Hi

      ryft fanryft fan24 dagar sedan
  • im starting a new chanel

    Jesse PlaysJesse Plays7 dagar sedan
  • let’s see how much subs i can get from this🥺 current 13

    Life of BrendanLife of Brendan7 dagar sedan
  • I’ll take over

    Chronic ShrxChronic Shrx8 dagar sedan
  • Ryft: quits editing Keyboard: finally Mouse: let’s gooo

    rbfromnorthrbfromnorth8 dagar sedan
  • What u should of done is unbind e

    itzHxrr1sxnitzHxrr1sxn9 dagar sedan

    Jhekolby GainesJhekolby Gaines9 dagar sedan
  • Ay ay you make f** ya me: ummmmmm

    J MeJ Me12 dagar sedan
  • Change the title: *Ryft without macros*

  • he quit his cereer

    VinceyyVinceyy16 dagar sedan
  • Raft u certer

    Tommy 35 Shooyook etTommy 35 Shooyook et16 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Blitz JaydenBlitz Jayden17 dagar sedan
  • Ryft: I quit fast editing. Me: nooooooooo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. BH NotLuc: Yes, now I will be the fastest editor in fortnite.😈😈😈

    Jay SwaggyJay Swaggy19 dagar sedan
  • Rift you’re my favorite you tuber

    AJ plays FortniteAJ plays Fortnite19 dagar sedan
  • heal be back

    Drip loard66Drip loard6619 dagar sedan
  • Cap

    blaze Xblaze X19 dagar sedan
  • Sorry that was mean

    Christian C.B.Christian C.B.20 dagar sedan
  • If you already touched the finger button why don’t you Just turn on your bind

    Christian C.B.Christian C.B.20 dagar sedan
    • Sorry if that was mean

      Christian C.B.Christian C.B.20 dagar sedan
  • 1v1me

    Nurismells2Nurismells220 dagar sedan
  • I’m going to try and watch all of you videos in I night tonight

    RustyRusty21 dag sedan
  • next videos :edit olympics

    ProperlyGivenProperlyGiven21 dag sedan
    • he already did that lmao

      myst zorbmyst zorb21 dag sedan
  • Ryft:I quit fast editing Ryfts Keyboard:YES

    Flynn LoxleyFlynn Loxley22 dagar sedan

    Olamide IgeOlamide Ige22 dagar sedan
  • Ny friend here rytf he's aredy taken and he is crazy at fortnite my guy

    Doreen SéllyDoreen Sélly22 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Sylvia R. CooperSylvia R. Cooper24 dagar sedan
  • I got a challenge switch to controller and see. If your edits are fast then

    Team CLX KamranTeam CLX Kamran25 dagar sedan
  • Si. Sos. Español. Dale. Like

    Raquel SerranoRaquel Serrano25 dagar sedan
  • I hate editing I’m so bad lol

    Steve LudwigSteve Ludwig25 dagar sedan
  • THATS Good cUz U Need to be a little NOOB

    Anand SharmaAnand Sharma26 dagar sedan
  • How long did it take you to get good at editing, and how did you get good at editing! I been trying so hard and i can barely double edit without messing up! To be fair i do play on switch, but I still want to get better at editing. My goal is to be able to make builds invisible. Atless cones! do you have any tips. I have watched you for a while now and just keep saying I hope to be as good as you someday!

    LynxLynx27 dagar sedan
  • The Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon and will give everyone the reward they deserve. Repent to God and Christ and confess and repent of your sins! Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior! Forgive one another and love one another! Read the Bible and learn to live as pleases God and Christ!

    hanunijahanunija28 dagar sedan
  • Ryft: not editing is so hard Everyone else: who is editing

    Lucas FenosLucas Fenos28 dagar sedan
  • I am very sorry for you having so much pain in your hands

    E.K.L. KeyesE.K.L. Keyes28 dagar sedan
  • Ghost isa left Fortnite beucose hands

    TrashTrash28 dagar sedan
  • U should have just removed editing keybind

    GTW ToX1cGTW ToX1c28 dagar sedan
  • You should do a flick aim montage.

    Jonathan ThomasJonathan Thomas28 dagar sedan
  • Omg I killed rfyt I sorry for killing yoy

    NotJivanNotJivan28 dagar sedan
  • I love your editsss noooooo

    Ceric McIntoshCeric McIntoshMånad sedan
  • Noooo edit god

    Ceric McIntoshCeric McIntoshMånad sedan
  • Pop your fingers tuft it helps

    Kale The CoolKale The CoolMånad sedan
  • Who cares

    LayZee GrizzlyLayZee GrizzlyMånad sedan
  • Ryft what is wrong with u,you are the fastest editor

    AxstroZayAxstroZayMånad sedan
  • And i win without building coz i can't build

    alpha pandeyalpha pandeyMånad sedan
  • defentley arthrites

    Chris AltmannsbergerChris AltmannsbergerMånad sedan
    • ryft be like: no edit no fortnite

      Chris AltmannsbergerChris AltmannsbergerMånad sedan
  • Onla makro cheater

    J7_ EmirJ7_ EmirMånad sedan
  • Look at the next video😂😂😂😂

    Giuseppe MusarellaGiuseppe MusarellaMånad sedan
  • I smell cap

    Crystal BraggCrystal BraggMånad sedan
  • Ryft want to try a new edit key

    Among us 231Among us 231Månad sedan
  • That doesn’t mean u quit jeez

    TexTexMånad sedan
  • I smell cap

    HK1llaTheLegendHK1llaTheLegendMånad sedan
  • Bro you best gun is the edit

    XFÄBĪØXFÄBĪØMånad sedan
  • I'll add u my name starts with erg

    Peyton OwensPeyton OwensMånad sedan
  • 8:10 You cant edit without building... If you cant shoot then you literally cannot beat the other player... I dont think editing is the most important thing in the game

    Noah HendersonNoah HendersonMånad sedan
  • 5:16 thank me later

    Meenakshi WadheraMeenakshi WadheraMånad sedan
  • Every SEslowr a now quits something but still uploads

    rocio barronrocio barronMånad sedan
  • Every SEslowr I now quits

    rocio barronrocio barronMånad sedan
  • Ryft: editing is more important than building Me: don’t u need to build to edit 👁👄👁

    Sonia KumarSonia KumarMånad sedan
  • Just go pro already XD

    Rye Luvs TeaRye Luvs TeaMånad sedan
  • Bruh, if you put the speed at 0.25 around 4:40, you can see that he edited the wall..

    Dots CakeDots CakeMånad sedan
  • Trash

    zelda warriorzelda warriorMånad sedan
  • Tetnes Ryft hope you get better code Ryft.😘🙏🙏🙏👍

    Carson WestCarson WestMånad sedan
  • Ryft! Be careful, you could get carpal tunnel, take a break for some time!

    ZoloZoloMånad sedan
  • Ha

    Synx. is VrxtroSynx. is VrxtroMånad sedan
  • I think the food and rift should one V1

    Nichole WingateNichole WingateMånad sedan
  • Imagine how many times he has got carpel tunnel!?

    FaZe SolarFaZe SolarMånad sedan
  • I was editing so fast... and my edit is not fast anymore, my fingers are in pain, and they still are, it’s been a month now 😅😓

    E-SkyE-SkyMånad sedan
  • Ryft if u add me I can make ur edits faster

    Peyton OwensPeyton OwensMånad sedan
  • Subscribe to ClipzDagoat on SEslow and follow Clipzttvyt on twitch

    Ian Hdudjwe7duIan Hdudjwe7duMånad sedan
  • When editing makes you good in fortnite

    SeanSeanMånad sedan
  • Unjust need to edit more so your fingers can get used to it so basically the more you edit the less pain u get

    thecycloslayer - gaming,transitions,and othersthecycloslayer - gaming,transitions,and othersMånad sedan
  • Can I do a video with you I'm on controller

    DominicRL Ransom LopezDominicRL Ransom LopezMånad sedan
  • I did 100k edits.🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀

    Tre BlueTre BlueMånad sedan
  • This

    OTL JmoneyOTL JmoneyMånad sedan
  • If you see thid

    OTL JmoneyOTL JmoneyMånad sedan
  • 1v1 me j_money _waters

    OTL JmoneyOTL JmoneyMånad sedan
  • Dogwater so slow

    OTL JmoneyOTL JmoneyMånad sedan
  • Ryft with the carpotunnel

    killer Jaizkiller JaizMånad sedan
  • ryft what is your sensitivity

    XXiT_XXiT_Månad sedan
  • Alternate title: Playing fortnite like a normal person Another alternate title: Not playing every fortnite match like it’s a World Cup million dollar tournament and letting other players have fun

    SilencedVisionSilencedVisionMånad sedan
  • bruuuuu

    belikeemi 369belikeemi 369Månad sedan
  • Do you use triple edit binds or quad edit binds, and can you please make a settings video

    nirmool sidhunirmool sidhuMånad sedan
  • 🧢

    Case StockmanCase StockmanMånad sedan
  • I love you ryft so mutch

    Fadi BarqawiFadi BarqawiMånad sedan
  • But he only quit for today....

    Aleks MushijanAleks MushijanMånad sedan
  • Rember the fake ruft his real name is SoaR Milo on YT

    BH LowskyBH LowskyMånad sedan
  • Lol millo trolled you

    The CoolGamer8oThe CoolGamer8oMånad sedan
  • How can you edit fast I am trying to learn

    Sean SchoolcraftSean SchoolcraftMånad sedan
  • You should team up with Dodeu for some epic edit snipes. I bet you two totally don't know each other ;)

    Kavin BendreKavin BendreMånad sedan
  • Can you speak Japanese?

    マイケルジョーダンマイケルジョーダンMånad sedan
    • No 😂

      what even SHORTSwhat even SHORTSMånad sedan
  • no you didnt you just want content

    3XPR3SS_YT3XPR3SS_YTMånad sedan
  • be careful dont edit that much edit a little bit

    ibrahim sadekibrahim sadekMånad sedan
  • You should try doing this in Arena

    Cheater NixxCheater NixxMånad sedan
  • Fun fact: at1:22 he has an edit bind AFTER he took it off Have a good day

    Dillo _X tiredpoopDillo _X tiredpoopMånad sedan
  • Rift is justin

    Justin GmoneyJustin GmoneyMånad sedan
  • Ryft is to good at editing even though he can’t edit in this video

    John PerkinsJohn PerkinsMånad sedan
  • Why did u quit fast edit

    jayend plancerjayend plancerMånad sedan
  • I cant watch you anymore because I only watch the edits for you

    ItsGobItsGobMånad sedan
  • Clic bait

    Ethan beattieEthan beattieMånad sedan
  • How the hell can you play with the same fingers you edit with but you cant edit?

    Ras1 BeatsRas1 BeatsMånad sedan
  • Quick story: I used to play for my brother on the Xbox and the edit button was left stick. Then, I started playing on my switch and the edit button was A(hold it down). I thought it was the same button as my brother and I didn’t know how to edit. Technically, I have gotten MANY wins without editing, so yeah.

    Aveer RaiAveer RaiMånad sedan