The Mini Edit Course... (Impossible)

The Mini Edit Course... (Impossible)
I tried out a miniature version of an edit course and it was insane! I can't believe edit courses have come to this...
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  • What even are edit courses anymore...

    RyftRyftMånad sedan
    • Yes

      Fortnite ProFortnite Pro10 dagar sedan
    • My edit is so fast

      Dena WrightDena Wright13 dagar sedan
    • Mhhhm

      ArianaAriana16 dagar sedan
    • Umm 🤔????

      Steven LawrenceSteven Lawrence17 dagar sedan
    • Dunno

      dubedubesdubedubes18 dagar sedan
  • I love ryfts humour when he talks about small sausages

    FMR SpiralFMR Spiral5 dagar sedan
  • Hi i love ur video and very very small

    Denisa MojicaDenisa Mojica7 dagar sedan
  • this makes me claustrophobic

    Mr Henwry 101Mr Henwry 10112 dagar sedan
  • Guys if yall wanna know how to get better play arena or this zone wars in creative matchmaking

    Potions*Potions*14 dagar sedan
  • Yooo

    Odensa KasemiOdensa Kasemi14 dagar sedan
  • Ur just tall 14m

    Mazer FiveMazer Five16 dagar sedan
  • Are you big?

    YaBroNathanYaBroNathan16 dagar sedan
  • I know what u mean rift when u said u have a little thing to jerian

    Diana MunozDiana Munoz17 dagar sedan
  • If there is someone called Ryft There should be someone called Shockywaryft

    SenPai〆SenPai〆17 dagar sedan
  • what the how?

    MoneymentosytMoneymentosyt20 dagar sedan
  • He says something small then he says we we

    FortnitebotFortnitebot21 dag sedan
  • What did i mess

    salem alhamelisalem alhameli21 dag sedan
    • Miss

      salem alhamelisalem alhameli21 dag sedan
  • 2:28

    no nameno name22 dagar sedan
  • your 5'2 i am 5'9 and 13

    Scott MooreScott Moore22 dagar sedan
  • What’s the code

    BH twistBH twist25 dagar sedan
  • Anyone els see at the start rytfs teeth

    Bernice KramerBernice Kramer27 dagar sedan
  • K

    Hidden in my dreams PoopyHidden in my dreams Poopy28 dagar sedan
  • what is the creative code?

    phantom menace monahantowerphantom menace monahantower29 dagar sedan
  • ם

    עוז פזוז ozpazozעוז פזוז ozpazozMånad sedan
  • I feel bad

    christab3698christab3698Månad sedan
  • Me feeling like I’m faster then ryft

    Matthew FrankenburgerMatthew FrankenburgerMånad sedan
  • bruh

    Khaled Sabry BakryKhaled Sabry BakryMånad sedan
  • Ryft is so cool Like this if you agree

    Racheal FreemanRacheal FreemanMånad sedan
  • cxltres is better than you at edits so suck you use macro

    Ethan SteynEthan SteynMånad sedan
  • R Y

    Christine CrosbyChristine CrosbyMånad sedan
  • The private flugelhorn anaerobically wreck because purple usually beam amidst a cowardly aluminium. abaft, enchanting wound

    Trevor FrankumTrevor FrankumMånad sedan
  • What the f**k

    Wahdan FamWahdan FamMånad sedan
  • I have the hardest edit course trust if u wanna try it

    JxmmieJxmmieMånad sedan
  • wut is one of the codes for a editing courses?

  • Do u have an alt account that is called Omario0505

    Narmina MufidzadeNarmina MufidzadeMånad sedan
  • Was geht

    Air FurixAir FurixMånad sedan
  • Plot twist Hes just a giant on a normal edit course Or.... maybe he is a giant

    Cody MikhaelCody MikhaelMånad sedan
  • Fire 🔥

    Aqua Spirit_YTAqua Spirit_YTMånad sedan
  • alternate tiltile:edit course for under 6ft guys

    Kwadwo Oheneba OseiKwadwo Oheneba OseiMånad sedan
  • Ryft only likes verifier peoples comment

  • Hi ryft i use your setings

    FazeAdryan YTFazeAdryan YTMånad sedan
  • this gives me ocd

    Mamta JuthaniMamta JuthaniMånad sedan
  • LMAO

    XasosoloXasosoloMånad sedan
  • You me

    Jordan YT 2Jordan YT 2Månad sedan
  • 0:52 sus sounds

    Bryce martinBryce martinMånad sedan
  • His edits in this video are mine but I’m 10000000000000x slower

    xpxpMånad sedan
  • You should play on the worlds smallest violin in the worlds smallest edit corse

    TriippsyTriippsyMånad sedan
  • Ryft will not pin this

    Ben Gamer8Ben Gamer8Månad sedan
  • This video was funny 😂

    BananaBananaMånad sedan
  • What is this pickaxe

    Kolorowy KlocKolorowy KlocMånad sedan
  • Fun fact: he is just big

    20 subs before 2022?20 subs before 2022?Månad sedan
  • next do a BIG EDIT COURSE

    Output SickoOutput SickoMånad sedan
  • aye yo only 5 my guy

    Hayden SechtigHayden SechtigMånad sedan
  • So many cussing from jerian

    flix clan dgtflix clan dgtMånad sedan
  • Good video

    CrackedCrackedMånad sedan
  • Someone needs to make a mini Oranges impossible edit course

    PxndxPxndxMånad sedan
  • Emagine ryft doesn’t heart a verified creator and hearts one of his fans

    Mobil nationMobil nationMånad sedan
  • 5:21 made me jump

    The Gaming RoKidThe Gaming RoKidMånad sedan
  • p[lz

    klapsklapsMånad sedan
  • can we gete setup tour plz

    klapsklapsMånad sedan
  • @skilled879

    sketch mosketch moMånad sedan
  • Your like 5.2, is my favorite part of the video

    Its_tigerIts_tigerMånad sedan
  • those are pocket builds !

    Fumba.Fumba.Månad sedan
  • Edit course not the only thing that mini... haha i’m so funny

    ShayaanTheGamerShayaanTheGamerMånad sedan
  • Code of the map?

    TakitaliTakitaliMånad sedan
  • can i make a edit cours pls pls epic Hungry_rooster5

    Jovan BogunovicJovan BogunovicMånad sedan
  • 1m subtai bj shunaltai shtsn ahahh

    Verticls LMNtrixVerticls LMNtrixMånad sedan
  • Who else started editing fast because they thought they got it as fast as rift on controller and they did it somehow see this is me

    Jonathan CruzJonathan CruzMånad sedan
  • Hi ryft your my favorite SEslowr and the best editor ever

    Coach FreddyCoach FreddyMånad sedan
  • Dude can you join us because you are one of the best youtubers in the world and the kid that is wanting to 1v1me and my friend for 400$.

    DatMOLLINBoiDatMOLLINBoiMånad sedan
  • I know your Ryft- one of the fastest editors ever, but can u do like things like 1v1 or arena or highlights on your cash cup

    dropz on ytdropz on ytMånad sedan
  • I bet I’m just like you but not as good and I named my name rift Whitey Junior

    gamingjacksongamingjacksonMånad sedan
  • Could I get a skin pls ima default and my mom died in a coma😔

    Maya Triana (1LATB)Maya Triana (1LATB)Månad sedan
  • Can someone help me gett better on keyboard my friends make fun of me for being bad on keyboard. 😥

    LyricalxLyricalxMånad sedan
  • Can I see you edit race bh fragile and DL ravens

    fatalsurge2293fatalsurge2293Månad sedan
  • Lets see how many subs i can get fron this comment

    mike wazowskimike wazowskiMånad sedan
  • I have the most easy edit corse

    Willie WilliamsWillie WilliamsMånad sedan
  • Check my recent guys! I need views cause my grandparents wont believe me for me to turn popular

    ItsromeofooItsromeofooMånad sedan
  • Hey ryft

    Fazesway ReeFazesway ReeMånad sedan
  • E

    Jessica HartmanJessica HartmanMånad sedan
  • Yo wasup man

    clare critchclare critchMånad sedan
  • what is 4v3065 for

    Heather CroyHeather CroyMånad sedan
  • I'm friends with your friend lol

    I'm Legit Subbbing To Everyone Who Subbs To MeI'm Legit Subbbing To Everyone Who Subbs To MeMånad sedan
  • My friend thinks he will clap you

    Drew RocksDrew RocksMånad sedan
  • I love seeing ryft edit slow

    TigersEyeTigersEyeMånad sedan
  • Xdddddd

    xALIENxxALIENxMånad sedan
  • Ryft play on laptop f

    gsopolo keygsopolo keyMånad sedan
  • What sound track do you use ryft

    BLAZE JcsfanBLAZE JcsfanMånad sedan
  • Pls play 1v1 lol

    Pyro ShotsPyro ShotsMånad sedan
  • Ryft we were just joking about us being better ryft u are one of the best

    MxsterMxsterMånad sedan
  • You should do a setting video

    parzey 9parzey 9Månad sedan
  • o my god

    skami is the best gamerskami is the best gamerMånad sedan
  • Hey Ryft just hoping if you can add me my name is Legend_.-. i can edit fast like you too just send me a friend request cause i have some kids that are a fan

    Neil MenguitoNeil MenguitoMånad sedan
  • not for claustrophobic

    frafraMånad sedan
  • IF YOU ARE 5 FOOT 2 I AM 11 and 5 foot 8

    Oliver HallOliver HallMånad sedan
  • Maybe for the next video idea you should edit on different FPS

    mhyizmhyizMånad sedan
  • I play on xbox but I have a keyboard and mouse

    Lane ThrasherLane ThrasherMånad sedan
  • Could you help me edit faster please I wish I was better

    Lane ThrasherLane ThrasherMånad sedan
  • Yay ryft isn't as fast at editing no more woooo!!!

    Scott BurtScott BurtMånad sedan
  • Please make more montages

    Volt1c ghostVolt1c ghostMånad sedan
  • no edit course is impossible for ryft

    PlantguyPlantguyMånad sedan
  • Play arena more

    richard gee timeless 13richard gee timeless 13Månad sedan
  • Play arena or

    richard gee timeless 13richard gee timeless 13Månad sedan
  • You should make a vid on how fortnite made you a fish

    Lane on fnLane on fnMånad sedan