Destroying Kids in Season 5... (Insane)

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  • Give me video ideas for the new season 👀

    RyftRyft2 månader sedan
    • Do solo squad

      LS warriorLS warrior29 dagar sedan
    • Solo squad

      LS warriorLS warrior29 dagar sedan
    • 2

      Cameron BlakeCameron BlakeMånad sedan
    • Act like mando

      CottonCloudsCottonClouds2 månader sedan
    • Invisible sky base

      Joe JohnsonJoe Johnson2 månader sedan
  • Float a sky base

    Hayden SymonsHayden Symons29 dagar sedan
  • Video idea: pretend to be a NPCs

    BrockTGTBrockTGTMånad sedan
  • Dam are u better than @raider464 tho?

    layla lovelayla loveMånad sedan
  • Dog water 0 pr box u like a fish quick shit on 1v1 me ur trash free bread I bet u can’t even win fncs

    Mystix_FNMystix_FNMånad sedan
  • Did u realize that he doesn’t have a recon expert in his thumbnail

    ShriramgeemShriramgeemMånad sedan
  • Happy new year!

    Becky BurchettBecky BurchettMånad sedan
  • Me and my frien got a 41 kills as a trio

    NPOSNPOSMånad sedan
  • Please use a face cam

    Chris & Jessie KoehlerChris & Jessie KoehlerMånad sedan
  • Con i hab the baipás

    Dora MolinaDora MolinaMånad sedan
  • why you play not chage pump

    just_ReapzZ GTjust_ReapzZ GTMånad sedan
  • Bro how do you edit this fast bro oh my god men you for me are the best player in the world i like your videos that you post everyday because you make your videos better than the others bro gg men

    Fire BoyFire Boy2 månader sedan
  • Ryft is my favorite youtuber

    Nrg RazerNrg Razer2 månader sedan
  • Ryft is better than notluc 0% ryft 10%

    Nrg RazerNrg Razer2 månader sedan
  • Can you give your e key a break? It must be exhausted man

    DJFroodyDJFroody2 månader sedan
  • HIII

    audrina527audrina5272 månader sedan
  • Insane Jarvis

    iycxxiycxx2 månader sedan
  • U are my edit hero

    Craig MillsCraig Mills2 månader sedan
  • do videos where you editing edit course from mongral and other creators please your the best

    slowpoodle1106slowpoodle11062 månader sedan
  • i love youre vids and apparently found youre brother and played

    itsclazyitsclazy2 månader sedan
  • Invisible sky base

    Joe JohnsonJoe Johnson2 månader sedan
  • Hi

    Najko GNajko G2 månader sedan
  • Use code ryft use code ryft use code ryft

    Snaxy WaxySnaxy Waxy2 månader sedan
  • Edits when people puting and throwing s*** on your keyboard

    FaZe Xav1erFaZe Xav1er2 månader sedan
  • Do a kining video in hahaha wine you kill somone ok plz me come PLZ ME

    Toxic BrosToxic Bros2 månader sedan
  • E

    Erin ReadingerErin Readinger2 månader sedan
  • Dam your fast at edit

    Jose HernandezJose Hernandez2 månader sedan
  • 0:02

    Gerardo AvilaGerardo Avila2 månader sedan
  • Montage pls

    Alfred RaynorAlfred Raynor2 månader sedan

    Ar FrankyAr Franky2 månader sedan
  • I’m an Xbox player not make the best edit ever in the world

    TTV YT Sweat MTTV YT Sweat M2 månader sedan
  • Yo Ris

    TTV YT Sweat MTTV YT Sweat M2 månader sedan
  • Ryft skin?

    Ronnie SilvaRonnie Silva2 månader sedan
  • Buga

    tv samsungtv samsung2 månader sedan

    tv samsungtv samsung2 månader sedan
  • Zahraš si pls

    ADRIX xdADRIX xd2 månader sedan
  • you are the best fortnite player i have seen

    KUA family BlanvillainKUA family Blanvillain2 månader sedan
  • No one: Not even a single soul: Ryft the whole vid: what the what the

    VerxyFNϟVerxyFNϟ2 månader sedan
  • Video idea stream sniping and make it the streamer float

    GalaxyGalaxy2 månader sedan
  • i am 10 plesasaesas !!!!!!!!

    Shawntez YoungShawntez Young2 månader sedan
  • pleseasesssseesssesesssessesese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shawntez YoungShawntez Young2 månader sedan
  • can you gift me the battlepass 😭

    Shawntez YoungShawntez Young2 månader sedan
  • There is a 0 ping map u should try it

    Soar Zaxy 2.0 I’m not fAtSoar Zaxy 2.0 I’m not fAt2 månader sedan
  • Did u know there is a "ryft" fish

    rang0226 fnrang0226 fn2 månader sedan
  • i legit cod the noti after 6 days...

    cloudziecloudzie2 månader sedan
  • I think this is keyboard abuse

    Pandakid 910Pandakid 9102 månader sedan
  • Ryft 1v1 or react to jimipapi

    Cool GuyCool Guy2 månader sedan
  • So my cousin wants to do edit wars whit u can u pls do it

    Kostas BeinaravičiusKostas Beinaravičius2 månader sedan
  • I floated my friend like 10minutes 0:

    toukan pelittoukan pelit2 månader sedan
  • I want to play with Ryft

    kingpecolokingpecolo2 månader sedan
  • Um

    Kathleen StutzKathleen Stutz2 månader sedan
  • do double pump with double barrell you haft to by it with gold you can double pump get two shotguns 1 haft to be double barrel and second is your choice

    Shameka Wilson-LaboShameka Wilson-Labo2 månader sedan
  • was you just playing 1v1lol player tag said ryft tv

    theproskidtheproskid2 månader sedan
  • Hey ryft u should do fortnite montages. USE CODE RYFT

    kamden dunnkamden dunn2 månader sedan

    SemiSemi2 månader sedan
  • been here since 30k

    D1fficultD1fficult2 månader sedan
  • use the sand to Sky base?

    Cvx is coldCvx is cold2 månader sedan
  • Your game can not stand the edits

    Tutu OlaitanTutu Olaitan2 månader sedan
  • pls pls pls pls pls pls pls add Daniel_Wyatt-978

    DANIEL CABADANIEL CABA2 månader sedan
  • hello i are form brazil and I like your videos , i am your fan even if I don't understand anything you say

    Marcelo JuniorMarcelo Junior2 månader sedan
  • My eyes at 1:23 😂

    Raymond ArmendarizRaymond Armendariz2 månader sedan
  • if I saw Ryft edited fast. Me: NAH I’m done I’m leaving Ryft: EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT!!!!!!

    Chase HoangChase Hoang2 månader sedan
  • I want to see who is a faster editer you or devor lolg

    Yadid RiveraYadid Rivera2 månader sedan
  • Raft they brought scroll weel reset Omg finally

    Abdulaziz Ali Abdulla Mohamed Al HammadiAbdulaziz Ali Abdulla Mohamed Al Hammadi2 månader sedan
  • i see u cometed in fear4r vid u subd to him to

    WreaxYWreaxY2 månader sedan
  • Use code flea to double your edit speed Ryft ok OMG!!!!!! My edittttttttts!!!!!!

    Brad IshBrad Ish2 månader sedan

    Daily Dose of GamingDaily Dose of Gaming2 månader sedan
  • hello ryft

    regreg2 månader sedan
  • Pls add me FazeMichae

    FazeMichaelFazeMichael2 månader sedan
  • I wanna see y reacting to invisible being removed

    Cody MikhaelCody Mikhael2 månader sedan
  • Tell me which season u started playing 1-5 5-10 Reply Like

    Cars Cars CarsCars Cars Cars2 månader sedan
  • يمديك تسوي 1v1 مونقرال? Can you 1v1 mongral? Please

    CA gamer سيا جيمرCA gamer سيا جيمر2 månader sedan
  • 1v1me now I know that I have a feeling I’m gonna beat u my username is ah54n_on_fn

    Ah54n On fnAh54n On fn2 månader sedan
  • Do a 1v1 whit Raider pls

    Luuk GraafLuuk Graaf2 månader sedan
  • ハッカー?ジェットパックだ!ってところ面白い

    りはるりはる2 månader sedan
  • 👇this is how many times he said use code ryft

    Rohu GamingRohu Gaming2 månader sedan
  • Yo

    Yt_DRIBBLE GAWDYt_DRIBBLE GAWD2 månader sedan
  • play

    Antonio MartinAntonio Martin2 månader sedan
  • Invisible box in salty towers

    keshav raikeshav rai2 månader sedan
  • Sub to BOOMMAN515 on youtube

    BOOMMAN515BOOMMAN5152 månader sedan
  • 👌🏻

    Cylar SkinnerCylar Skinner2 månader sedan
  • To QC you. so much to say

    Tyler RichardsonTyler Richardson2 månader sedan
  • Hi Bruv

    RZ RiftzRZ Riftz2 månader sedan
  • I don’t get it... famous you tubers just say hi and get like.. idk 1k likes and me over here saying this probably wont even get 2 likes since I like my own comment (I know I’m weird)

    Azzan BhuiyaAzzan Bhuiya2 månader sedan
  • Fuj

    Bd SplashBd Splash2 månader sedan

    JACOB PLAYZJACOB PLAYZ2 månader sedan
  • Hi ryft I hope u are having a good day I have been getting some hate and I would really appreciate if u went and said something nice on my fearless video because I only have to friends who really appreciate what I try to do

    CozyBopsCozyBops2 månader sedan
  • The scroll wheel reset is back

    ItsPaiton-_-ItsPaiton-_-2 månader sedan
  • Make a motoch

    Max200PumpsMax200Pumps2 månader sedan
  • Wait I'm scrolling through the comments to see ryft liking everything plss like mine!!

    Clutch_replay zClutch_replay z2 månader sedan
  • i want to see some competitive .

    YeetYeet2 månader sedan
  • This guy is pretty quick look

    lulululu2 månader sedan
  • Raft is a pro

    CCW WardCCW Ward2 månader sedan
  • Is bh fragile faster than Ryft actually ???

    The 07’sThe 07’s2 månader sedan
  • Play solos or duos now I’m tired looking at them edits stuff

    Tyreese EvansTyreese Evans2 månader sedan
  • Hi

    NEO GRAV1TYNEO GRAV1TY2 månader sedan
  • Damnnnnnn talk about a sweat

    Moon LightMoon Light2 månader sedan
  • Ryft your insane bro 😂😂

  • Clix va rift jajajajajajajajajajajaja

    Ivan VG0Ivan VG02 månader sedan
  • code ryft

    Jaythan Rivera SantistebanJaythan Rivera Santisteban2 månader sedan