I Found My CLONE... (not clickbait)

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In this video I reacted to one of the fastest editors fortnite montages, which included impossible edit course clips. He is literally the most insane editor ever, and I copy his clips too, enjoy :)

Ladda ner



  • Who wants to be reacted to next??? 👀

    RyftRyftMånad sedan
    • I love when they say stop the cap

      Patrick BuschPatrick Busch2 dagar sedan
    • Jesus this guy has been editing sooooooooo hard dude jes

      Ashraf KhalafAshraf Khalaf21 dag sedan
    • I do u just have to join my party add me @Zbot20084

      Zach SmithZach SmithMånad sedan
    • Me

      Aspex ZinxAspex ZinxMånad sedan
    • My user name is Joshnreegz

      Joshua HuntJoshua HuntMånad sedan
  • Naa ryft is the fastest editor

    Ayaans MahmadAyaans Mahmad5 timmar sedan
  • What u asked for pre editing to be removed and now when I’m watching this there’s a setting to turn it off

    SwxvyySwxvyy6 timmar sedan
  • No ur faster

    Rx RyftRx Ryft23 timmar sedan
  • You are mongraal

    Dario UbrekićDario UbrekićDag sedan
  • That flick was insane

    ch Kasidch Kasid2 dagar sedan
  • Hrjdjdhdjejndj

    ch Kasidch Kasid2 dagar sedan
  • I can edit that fast

    Mekhi TannMekhi Tann2 dagar sedan
  • Ryft is better

    Beast5050 9Beast5050 92 dagar sedan
  • This makes me feel bad at fortnite now

    Christine BakkeChristine Bakke2 dagar sedan
  • This kid is your twin brother

    Patrick BuschPatrick Busch2 dagar sedan
  • It would be sick

    Kraken GamesKraken Games3 dagar sedan
  • You guys should team up as a dou

    Kraken GamesKraken Games3 dagar sedan
  • Can you add me i have a challenge for u

    tm besttm best3 dagar sedan
  • Me username WetLikeWater201

    tm besttm best3 dagar sedan
  • Your the fastest

    jordan23jordan234 dagar sedan
  • こうなるとGXSUさんの編集動画見ても上手くならないw 早すぎて If this happens, even if you watch the edited video of GXSU, it will not go well w Too early

    こすただ 登録者世界人口目標こすただ 登録者世界人口目標4 dagar sedan
  • Ryft video? Ew

    Ollie LastOllie Last4 dagar sedan
  • Nope

    My Name Is RavenMy Name Is Raven5 dagar sedan
  • I just learned Ryft 90s today and I am proud of my accomplishment

    Nathan Ryan ToupsNathan Ryan Toups5 dagar sedan
  • Me

    Daniel MartynyukDaniel Martynyuk6 dagar sedan
  • hes like jixso but gxsu

    Hadi pluboxHadi plubox6 dagar sedan
  • 7:52 how did you see what were you doing

    controlla emilycontrolla emily6 dagar sedan
  • Song?

  • japanese ryft is better sorry

    Arda YilmazArda Yilmaz6 dagar sedan
  • No

    Joe PhillipsJoe Phillips7 dagar sedan
  • is this your reaction when you watch your own videos

    lil_alvinolil_alvino7 dagar sedan
  • No! Nobody is faster than our ryft

    oskiral11oskiral117 dagar sedan
  • 1 month ago 100k subs?! No bad that shoutout

    oskiral11oskiral117 dagar sedan
  • me i Do

    Cayden MontgomeryCayden Montgomery7 dagar sedan
  • this is so FAKE this is NOT real so shit FAKE why FAKE you this?

    FISHI King CrimaxFISHI King Crimax7 dagar sedan
  • He do be vibing tho without headphones

    Ninja FNXFNinja FNXF7 dagar sedan
  • I want to see you guys when we want because he’s on Japanese servers and you’re on I’m guessing American servers so you guys won’t be on zero Bing

    ScaryAlex PlaysScaryAlex Plays7 dagar sedan
  • At this point he can just be ryft he can just take up place

    Ash HussainAsh Hussain7 dagar sedan
  • I thought that was a Isabellas lullaby from the promised neverland

    lightyfnlightyfn8 dagar sedan
  • How do people do this honestly I don’t know how smh I can’t even do double edits and my friends say I’m the best like what bro

    Franky SavillFranky Savill8 dagar sedan
  • Ryft please reply what music do you use when you edit fast?

    ColeX YTColeX YT8 dagar sedan
  • Chronic lvkie is faster

    qt jaminqt jamin8 dagar sedan
  • Im fast

    Ghost GamingGhost Gaming8 dagar sedan
  • Ryft can you do those speed pad tunnels 😭😭😭

    sanitizer comsanitizer com8 dagar sedan
  • I want to edit fast like u

    Erica WillisErica Willis8 dagar sedan
  • is he using macros

    kayson niecekayson niece8 dagar sedan
  • Ryft im fast just like u

    ZionZion8 dagar sedan
  • Macros??

    aowfuuaowfuu8 dagar sedan
  • Ya should do a 1v1 to see who is better

    clutch editsclutch edits8 dagar sedan
  • Do tonz he’s really fast but not as god as you let’s be real know

    Alex WerewolfAlex Werewolf9 dagar sedan
  • you are a kid mybe he is older than you

    Adel DanielAdel Daniel9 dagar sedan
  • すこすこのすこ

    Atafishy.あたちょんAtafishy.あたちょん9 dagar sedan
  • Your still faster 😈

    LUS EdLUS Ed9 dagar sedan
  • Though we know who the real ryft is

    Fortnite NicholasFortnite Nicholas9 dagar sedan
  • この怖すごく腹痛!

    Snaggy-FactorSnaggy-Factor9 dagar sedan
  • 5:04 mongral wher u at

    Troll OPTroll OP9 dagar sedan
  • Me I’m on PS4 maybe better I’m a 7 year old not a clown of u

    Echo AceEcho Ace10 dagar sedan
  • Oh

    heybeybey2020 optoutheybeybey2020 optout10 dagar sedan
  • Thats the youtuber soar milo😂😂😂😂

    heybeybey2020 optoutheybeybey2020 optout10 dagar sedan
  • he legit said "Fortnite if your watching this please remove pre-editing" and they actually did!!!

    KingzKingz10 dagar sedan
  • It’s soar Dylan

    Bryson DeanBryson Dean10 dagar sedan
  • yo ryft there is a setting that you can remove pre-edit

    massi diazmassi diaz10 dagar sedan
    • @INVAZE ik

      PulzifyPulzifyDag sedan
    • Bruh he made this video before that setting was in the game

      INVAZEINVAZEDag sedan
    • Ye ik

      Alicia GolanAlicia Golan7 dagar sedan
    • @Impulse he just asked

      PulzifyPulzify8 dagar sedan
    • This was before that setting was made

      ImpulseImpulse8 dagar sedan
  • I play on Xbox and I can do that can you add me on fortnight please My user name is kingbray1009

    Phoenix GamingPhoenix Gaming10 dagar sedan
  • Lol

    dcurtis 123dcurtis 12310 dagar sedan
  • me

    slxyslxy11 dagar sedan
  • Bot

    Rodri_boss YTRodri_boss YT11 dagar sedan
  • turn of pre edits

    Dean BurkeDean Burke11 dagar sedan
  • Btw, there’s a setting that lets you turn it off

    beatsbeats12 dagar sedan
  • ryft: please remvove pre-editing fortnite: ok in honor of ryft! 7:14

    Sayhi2blitzSayhi2blitz12 dagar sedan
  • Ryft in my opinion this guy is better than you (no hate)

    Pavle KrivokapicPavle Krivokapic12 dagar sedan
  • You can turn of pre edits

    Jaiden_The_BossJaiden_The_Boss12 dagar sedan
  • Japanese ryft is better than normal rift

    Conor McFaddenConor McFadden12 dagar sedan
  • he is your clone but faster

    Lakgod365Lakgod36513 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist: Those were Ryft’s clips

    Ku_u0Ku_u013 dagar sedan
    • Yea

      Miles EckardtMiles Eckardt9 dagar sedan
  • 0:32 (read my name)

    Whatever I said was hella capWhatever I said was hella cap13 dagar sedan
  • GXSU最高!!

    なおまるなおまる14 dagar sedan
  • U sure he aint using your videossssssssss

    Lucas Carlisle VasquezLucas Carlisle Vasquez14 dagar sedan
  • How do u know it’s not a macro😑 love the video BTW😃

    SF spuXeSF spuXe14 dagar sedan
  • Your faster than me

    Khalid AlkhooriKhalid Alkhoori14 dagar sedan
  • Yku can turn of pre edits

    Braiden Nakamura-PalacioBraiden Nakamura-Palacio14 dagar sedan
  • only OG rift viewers can like this comment

    Casual TechCasual Tech14 dagar sedan
  • Next him in 1%

    GRN TJIQGRN TJIQ15 dagar sedan
  • Green beans green tomatoes 🍅

    Sarim On YouTubeSarim On YouTube15 dagar sedan
  • ジースさん好きな人

    僕きのこ君僕きのこ君15 dagar sedan
  • can you play fortnite with me

    SwAZY_YT 101SwAZY_YT 10115 dagar sedan
  • Witch one is ryft I can't tell?

    real vanishedreal vanished16 dagar sedan
  • you are faster

    Harel LarahHarel Larah16 dagar sedan
  • Hes on controller

    Thos MartinThos Martin16 dagar sedan
  • Ryft i can edit about 1.2 times faster than you i see just stuffing up a little with the ryft ninety and the quad pad

    Codyneil BanksCodyneil Banks16 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Alex BufordAlex Buford16 dagar sedan
  • 🤩

    xMittoツ:xMittoツ:16 dagar sedan
  • So we all forgot about raider ?

    ItzBriannYTItzBriannYT16 dagar sedan
  • 2:27 hurts my brain

    Hesham ThabitHesham Thabit16 dagar sedan
  • Why did you kick me when were playing with wildcat

    M BoysM Boys16 dagar sedan
  • sorry to say this but the guy is using macros

    Mr.BigBeefMr.BigBeef16 dagar sedan
  • i love your video's and i would love to be in one my epic is PreStige liquid

    Death liquidDeath liquid16 dagar sedan
  • ジースさんんん!!

    ないとちゃんないとちゃん17 dagar sedan
  • If you are fastres editor in fortnite Monagraal is noob

    Stefika StankovicStefika Stankovic17 dagar sedan
  • ジースさんすごい

    ぶりる大根ぶりる大根17 dagar sedan
  • I'm Japanese, so I'm happy to be introduced to Japanese players

    コメントだけで、登録者1000人目指すいちごのヒーロープリキュアコメントだけで、登録者1000人目指すいちごのヒーロープリキュア17 dagar sedan
  • Ryft is faster still

    Jax KristopherJax Kristopher17 dagar sedan

    Hoodie_10Hoodie_1017 dagar sedan
  • What

    へきみつチャンネルへきみつチャンネル17 dagar sedan
  • There is a why to disable pre edits in settings

    Jacob SharpeJacob Sharpe17 dagar sedan