I have an announcement...

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I have an announcement...
I revealed my brand new channel where I play games other than just Fortnite, I will play minecraft, among us, and more! I also edit raced BH NotLuc on an impossible edit course and you already know who is going to win that (obviously me lol)
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    Not RyftNot RyftMånad sedan
    • Dhdhdh4u

      Angelica GarciaAngelica GarciaMånad sedan
    • Ok

      nova alnova alMånad sedan
    • Ryft plis add me in fortbite anel.is.crakes

      Svetlana zulićSvetlana zulićMånad sedan
    • Hey 1v1 me chicken here my Fortnite name 1_CrAzY_GaMeR

      Trsah CortezTrsah CortezMånad sedan
    • so i wont subscribe not ryft u wont suffer

      Shreyan GuptaShreyan GuptaMånad sedan
  • Bro

    RyftRyft11 dagar sedan
  • I was the 40th like

    zerks w keyzerks w key15 dagar sedan
  • Wow

    Robin OsborneRobin Osborne22 dagar sedan
  • I think I found someone who can edit faster than ryft idk if he is using macros but he is fast and if you see this his name is aduf

    Wali McMillanWali McMillanMånad sedan
    • I meant arfuh

      Wali McMillanWali McMillanMånad sedan
    • arfuh

      Wali McMillanWali McMillanMånad sedan
  • Xcnfntn

    Angelica GarciaAngelica GarciaMånad sedan
  • Do you know soaR milo? He made a video about him pretending to be you and you joined is that true Go check his channel you will see

    Pixel Wolf260Pixel Wolf260Månad sedan
  • Hey not luc and tuft I can edit kinda fast but I’m oce keep up the good work love both ur videos

    FRS ZokzFRS ZokzMånad sedan
  • Bro stop being mean to milo

    TheMysterious 619 234TheMysterious 619 234Månad sedan
  • i was ryft 600,000 subscriber i know im late

    Kataj SerranoKataj SerranoMånad sedan
  • Are you snoopy rift on fortnite? This guy claims he is

    AriBaeAriBaeMånad sedan
  • A

    Luis AndradeLuis AndradeMånad sedan
  • RYFT I Love You ❤️💕

    Cxltures YTCxltures YTMånad sedan
  • Hi RYFT I'm subbed liked the video and have notifications on

    Pausha BaptistePausha BaptisteMånad sedan
  • i looked at channals and rift is playing minecraft

    Yajaira RolonYajaira RolonMånad sedan
  • Ryft I have an edit course for you to do I am a youtuber and I promise no traps or builds in builds and I wanna see if you can do it please

    legit spikylegit spikyMånad sedan
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    AntoineBeKillinAntoineBeKillinMånad sedan
  • Yo was poppen me and you should do a edit race *Who thinks I would win

    NRGDemonNRGDemonMånad sedan
  • U cheated cuz u already knew the alst edit course

    i ChyChyN3atai ChyChyN3ataMånad sedan
  • 1v1 cxturles edit course race

    Karl O ReillyKarl O ReillyMånad sedan
  • Bro I wanna play with u

  • U have a 3rd chanel That s amazing 😂 Look just the sosie or him... Mmmmh

    Siray140Siray140Månad sedan
  • Dream - Ryft : DRYFT

    Gonçalo CerqueiraGonçalo CerqueiraMånad sedan
  • Ryft is on my friends list

    Scott O'KeeffeScott O'KeeffeMånad sedan
  • IGN is DarkOfDayz

    Dustin BestDustin BestMånad sedan
  • I’m in a 1v1 with you rn and your insane

    Dustin BestDustin BestMånad sedan
  • 1v1 me u bot here’s my Fortnite name 1_CrAzY_GaMeR

    Trsah CortezTrsah CortezMånad sedan
  • No one: Ryft: doesn’t look at the camera

    WizDaGoatWizDaGoatMånad sedan
    • 😂

      Not-_-Brian YTNot-_-Brian YTMånad sedan
  • Does ur hands hurt so much that u can’t like my comment 😂

    Xequal YTXequal YTMånad sedan
  • Some 10 year old kid in a random creative fill said that he was you 💀

    Hijacked CatHijacked CatMånad sedan
  • Fortnite dead lol

    McMoyes04McMoyes04Månad sedan
  • you got voice trolled by absorber didnt you?

    Kaylee WalstrumKaylee WalstrumMånad sedan
  • 51.5K edits

    LLJ Eisa XXXLLJ Eisa XXXMånad sedan
  • Ur gay stop playing this game

    Exodus_LegionExodus_LegionMånad sedan
  • Ethan

    Ethan FreeEthan FreeMånad sedan
  • ayyyyyy 50th k suber

    Unknown wraithUnknown wraithMånad sedan
  • R.I.P their fingers

    MokiMokiMånad sedan
  • U lost I watch luc now

    King TreyKing TreyMånad sedan
  • You so good

    Chantal Van der heijdenChantal Van der heijdenMånad sedan
  • He said you cheated bc you used a map you knew. That's technically unfair.

    McDonalds GoodMcDonalds GoodMånad sedan
  • Ryft ,got a question, when was the last Time u got out of your seat.💯🔥

    Slim lmfaoooSlim lmfaoooMånad sedan
  • Does anyone else notice him not looking at the camera

  • My fourth name is ShadodGod824

    rebecca Beeberebecca BeebeMånad sedan
  • Can you add me

    rebecca Beeberebecca BeebeMånad sedan
  • Ryft is cool😂😂😂

    マルコBOTマルコBOTMånad sedan
  • Ryft:oh my hands hurt... Me:FINALLY HE SAID IT

    Bumbo JumboBumbo JumboMånad sedan
  • Can you add me plzzzz😭

    Carlos CasasCarlos CasasMånad sedan
  • Hi ryft yt

    am207am207Månad sedan
  • ryft is better than notluc

    Arch TMArch TMMånad sedan
  • okkkkkk

  • He's looking somewhere else not on the cam

    DiscyDiscyMånad sedan
  • Noice

    York luksu puksuYork luksu puksuMånad sedan
  • you need to look at the cam not the monitor when your trying to speak to us

    Hayley CarterHayley CarterMånad sedan
  • 42.7k edits...

    Dylan LangenwalterDylan LangenwalterMånad sedan
  • rift I'm your fan 😭

    Arthur GonçalvesArthur GonçalvesMånad sedan
  • Pls ADD NORDDin ryft

    Norddin SalamaNorddin SalamaMånad sedan
  • Everyone sub to team basix

    Basix_Zotic SubBasix_Zotic SubMånad sedan
  • Sub to team basix

    Basix_Zotic SubBasix_Zotic SubMånad sedan
  • Sub to team basix

    Basix_Zotic SubBasix_Zotic SubMånad sedan
  • Can you add me claped by A9

    cb alfiecb alfieMånad sedan
  • Watch me in the eyes Ryft!!!

    FIXYFIXYMånad sedan
  • hi

    xolfrxolfrMånad sedan
  • The best player in the game

    Trey JohnsonTrey JohnsonMånad sedan
  • all fast editors look the same

    KashizudotoKashizudotoMånad sedan
  • Ryft you look like a roblox person

    Breezyy dubsBreezyy dubsMånad sedan
  • 27th subscriber Poggers 🎉

    CT Jr sxmpsCT Jr sxmpsMånad sedan
  • And u both are good

    Phantom BaybeePhantom BaybeeMånad sedan
  • It was close no cap

    Phantom BaybeePhantom BaybeeMånad sedan
  • everyone is a part of this but only .00001 will make it into a video and I will be one

    sizosizoMånad sedan
  • Why are all fortnite you tubers moving to Minecraft on their second channel

    K DuxeK DuxeMånad sedan
  • 1v1 me You won't

    cwc wkcwc wkMånad sedan
  • Hi ryft i just wanted to say something I have loved all your videos your great at editing I belive you edit legit not just macro cause you wouldn't just use macros and have a lovely life and stay safe 😊

    LUKETHENUKE 2012LUKETHENUKE 2012Månad sedan
  • lets goo i knew notluc wins the first round

    Saydax mcSaydax mcMånad sedan
  • I don’t want raft to suffer

    Cooney FamilyCooney FamilyMånad sedan
  • Recommended

    r1sk fnr1sk fnMånad sedan
  • hez so bad

    Brent CessnaBrent CessnaMånad sedan
  • Ryft ur still faster

    SuperFnSuperFnMånad sedan
  • Ph BoTlUc

    TropiczTropiczMånad sedan
  • the ending of his video looks like ryft will kill botluke if he didn't say the line properly 7:50

    Xcite GLMXcite GLMMånad sedan
  • I don’t know why rift kinda looks like musty

    GM - 07SN 759393 Herb Campbell PSGM - 07SN 759393 Herb Campbell PSMånad sedan
  • I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from epicgames.monster

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    • Stfu scammer

      Namier MclearyNamier MclearyMånad sedan
    • you guys are going of

      Team NXTTeam NXTMånad sedan
    • @I'm Legit Subbbing To Everyone Who Subbs To Me oh ok

      Aron TremperAron TremperMånad sedan
    • @Aron Tremper I'm saying it so other people know it's a bot

      I'm Legit Subbbing To Everyone Who Subbs To MeI'm Legit Subbbing To Everyone Who Subbs To MeMånad sedan
    • @I'm Legit Subbbing To Everyone Who Subbs To Me don't even bother, it's just a robot. They don't know that you said anything

      Aron TremperAron TremperMånad sedan
  • Botluc

    Jordan RossJordan RossMånad sedan
  • Your still faster Ryft my dude

    lina kassarlina kassarMånad sedan
  • When you’ve been watching this and found the fact that everyone can get easily v bucks from epicgames.host

    pauluskkapauluskkaMånad sedan
    • I love u if u don’t click on this link

      Aquazz XAquazz X25 dagar sedan
  • I'm not a hater I'm subbed but why do u look like a 12 year old sorry

    Boxylox on YTBoxylox on YTMånad sedan
  • Pog

    Mahdi2Mahdi2Månad sedan
  • im new does`s he respond

    KZX-StaticKZX-StaticMånad sedan
  • #BALDGANG @Tyler Oliveira

    XoczsXoczsMånad sedan
  • Hey ryft 1 of my friends loves ur Chanel and is always talking about u but u prob won’t see this comment but if u do my epic is Hazardagentzzz u can unadd me after if u do decide to add me but it would be his dream to meet u

    Harry ByrneHarry ByrneMånad sedan
  • I was the 5 sub

    Chronic IcyChronic IcyMånad sedan
  • Do editing for 24 hours but you have a macro for when you go to the bathroom or eat

    PC HarleyPC HarleyMånad sedan
  • i love ryft

    Daniel UkiomogbeDaniel UkiomogbeMånad sedan
  • Can you 1v1 tweaks

    AUS CLANAUS CLANMånad sedan
  • Ryft is better then you bh notluc macro cheater

  • I think you should start practicing copetedive fortnite instead of editing in creative

    Ali AldafaaiAli AldafaaiMånad sedan
  • i watch every add in this vid so u can get that money and bc ur suffering make a vid on it

    CP crazxCP crazxMånad sedan
  • That’s not even an announcement

    Kaden_Jo 20271184Kaden_Jo 20271184Månad sedan
  • Botluc

    Michael FreemanMichael FreemanMånad sedan
  • #ryft doesn’t macro

    eryh YTeryh YTMånad sedan
  • hey Ryft your best youtuber i hav ever seen lov the vids and lov you bye

    Amari EwingAmari EwingMånad sedan