In this video I have to comeplete a set of challenges in order to keep using the Recon Expert. If I fail, I lose the skin forever...
This video is similar to Trying My Fans Impossible Edit Courses and Editing so fast I start floating and Breaking Fortnite Edit Records
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  • I could never lose the recon 🥺

    RyftRyft24 dagar sedan
    • @ZaidX7 if you hit 900k then play minecraft

      Cheesy NeloCheesy Nelo5 dagar sedan
    • What about recon ranger?

      Redsox Fan100Redsox Fan1006 dagar sedan
    • faze destroyer stop self promo

      VANS SZNVANS SZN6 dagar sedan
    • My parents promised me if I hit 1k by the end of the year they will buy me a new monitor and keyboard.I really need That

      LatifLatif7 dagar sedan
    • Yeah

      Lori ChilcoatLori Chilcoat7 dagar sedan
  • Do you speed your videos up

    Curtis PowersCurtis Powers45 minuter sedan
  • hello ryft can you post your island is that I like it a lot

    Carlos KehlCarlos Kehl2 timmar sedan
  • My username is peely2014

    BanksBanksDag sedan
  • Ryft can you add me I'm your favorite SEslowR you are the best

    BanksBanksDag sedan
  • Cheater the middle of the map is zero point

    Dylan GamezDylan Gamez2 dagar sedan
  • do this against raider 464 plz

    VNM PepeVNM Pepe2 dagar sedan
  • ok

    The OliverThe Oliver3 dagar sedan
  • clickbait

    Marc Paul BourassaMarc Paul Bourassa4 dagar sedan
  • Why ryft yt 😆fill sad for you😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

    Brent JonesBrent Jones4 dagar sedan
  • Thank god that you won

    Bentley MorganBentley Morgan6 dagar sedan
  • ryft: goodbye recon *looks at latest video after that knowing its bs lol* "him still wearing recon" me: -______________________________________________-

    68liars68liars6 dagar sedan
  • You use macros

    blaze renigadeblaze renigade6 dagar sedan
  • You bro

    Bd SplashBd Splash6 dagar sedan
  • I’m mad at notluc a lot

    Spiderkid_13Spiderkid_137 dagar sedan
  • what is your mouse and keyboard

    EkaFur OnlineEkaFur Online7 dagar sedan
  • I am your biggest fan

    Matthew PietrowskiMatthew Pietrowski7 dagar sedan
  • Ur keyboard is so annoying u bot

    ULTRA ytULTRA yt7 dagar sedan
  • I watched this 2 times

    Jessica HinesJessica Hines7 dagar sedan
  • You won

    Jessica HinesJessica Hines7 dagar sedan
  • 1v1me rift

    Annette DalgaardAnnette Dalgaard7 dagar sedan
  • this is ryft with no content ideas

    Xtreme GamerXtreme Gamer8 dagar sedan
  • I watched almost evry video of yors and now i know how to edit so fast thank youuu 😭

    MatanMatan8 dagar sedan
  • Yoooo

    AntoineBeKillinAntoineBeKillin8 dagar sedan
  • Wait rift broke a world record

    Adam KirwanAdam Kirwan9 dagar sedan
  • What skin would you use if your did not have the recon?

    Colin DesiletsColin Desilets9 dagar sedan
  • man ryft copied techy

    TheBeast8193TheBeast81939 dagar sedan
  • Beat tonz i dare you

    synthesis BTWsynthesis BTW9 dagar sedan
  • I love you

    YoungClan YTYoungClan YT9 dagar sedan
  • Click bait title

    Aleesha VillafanaAleesha Villafana10 dagar sedan
  • He was the best at editting but notluc would be behing from 5 meters also ryft would won

    kiran sethkiran seth10 dagar sedan
  • Ok

    Green_dragon_132 BackmanGreen_dragon_132 Backman10 dagar sedan
  • Ryft when he first sees recon: Hi recon Ryft after seeing the recon: goodbye recon

    Cheesy NeloCheesy Nelo10 dagar sedan
  • This was posted on my bday

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  • Nooooo plssss 🤕🤒😓😭😥😥😰😓

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  • i love your videos

    Rift fastest editor on Fortnite Rift ytRift fastest editor on Fortnite Rift yt10 dagar sedan
  • Are use code Ryft

    Rift fastest editor on Fortnite Rift ytRift fastest editor on Fortnite Rift yt10 dagar sedan
    • I use code Ryft

      Rift fastest editor on Fortnite Rift ytRift fastest editor on Fortnite Rift yt10 dagar sedan
  • Hey ryrt I play fornite

    Greyson CrumbleGreyson Crumble10 dagar sedan
  • Pls don't ur the best skin

    peace control kylepeace control kyle10 dagar sedan
  • dew you have a tik tok clan

    Ethan BrownEthan Brown11 dagar sedan
  • Everyone:Can anybody tell me what’s going on when he edits. Me: Ur free--- so freee- free'er than the samples at costco.

    CR - 06RD 784612 Tribune Drive PSCR - 06RD 784612 Tribune Drive PS11 dagar sedan
  • Click BAIT

    Cxltures -xanderCxltures -xander11 dagar sedan
  • Lmao ig this is fake

    JurianJurian11 dagar sedan
  • i love your keyboard sounds when you're editing :)

    Luxgraal.Luxgraal.11 dagar sedan
  • Was I'm almost better than u

    QazerYTQazerYT11 dagar sedan
  • You guys I meant to SEslowr

    Bj SmithBj Smith11 dagar sedan
  • i ben sub s 1k

    JADIEL ChecoJADIEL Checo11 dagar sedan
  • That is it your biggest fan it is me Levi gunner Johnson in my SEslow is a R for fun space SBR

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  • Can you please add my son he's crazy about you and it'll make his whole year just to have you as a friend ( Jonah-G0116 ) please and thank you bro

    Andrew GorlewskiAndrew Gorlewski11 dagar sedan
  • there is no way its not makros

  • Ryft : I am the best lama finder MC Creamy: am i a joke to you

    zayr imranzayr imran11 dagar sedan
  • idk why these kinds of people are popular

    Team Abyss FNTeam Abyss FN12 dagar sedan
  • you crazy with the edits keep up the good work ryft

    Lucas PlayzLucas Playz12 dagar sedan
  • >3

    RyZoRyZo12 dagar sedan
  • Mecreamy is the best llama

    Trudy CarverTrudy Carver12 dagar sedan
  • i love the Recon

    jacob registerjacob register12 dagar sedan
  • I'm level 300

    xjjxxn yDjdjxjjxxn yDjdj12 dagar sedan
  • H E A D B A N G E R

    IncognitoIncognito12 dagar sedan
  • No

    8yoPro8yoPro12 dagar sedan
  • brooo

    Brayden ChabotBrayden Chabot12 dagar sedan
  • Your Seriously Doin All These Made Up Challenges Just To Keep A Skin ?🤔🤦🏾‍♂️

    iSoClampGodiSoClampGod12 dagar sedan
  • What would you do if you saw rfty right in front of you?

    Amanda McDanellAmanda McDanell13 dagar sedan
    • *Ryft

      Amanda McDanellAmanda McDanell13 dagar sedan
  • I used your code. Wear your recon but dont wear that pickaxe

    Certified ArchieCertified Archie13 dagar sedan
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭🙂

    Aaro PoikkimakiAaro Poikkimaki13 dagar sedan
  • Your keyboard is so loud my guy

    AymanAyman13 dagar sedan
  • You can tell he is trying by the noise of his keyboard

    Totally not cracked at games Yet heheTotally not cracked at games Yet hehe13 dagar sedan
  • I dare you to 1v1 Wesleywat

    Sypher ClanSypher Clan13 dagar sedan
  • Dude cxltures is one of the best players in the game

    GrindGrind13 dagar sedan
  • A

    farhan noorfarhan noor13 dagar sedan
  • y love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • I use that pick axe how

    Brenda LaunchbaughBrenda Launchbaugh14 dagar sedan
  • copied idea from sway

    Ahmad Aleem VIII-W-AAhmad Aleem VIII-W-A14 dagar sedan
  • first cxltures then you then NotLuc what I get cxltures changing his skin it was banned but what's so bad about you and NotLuc

    mahmoud nouramahmoud noura14 dagar sedan
  • Ryft : Goodbye recon Me: Sees video a day ago (this video was made a week before this comment)

    Mainly Ze DuckMainly Ze Duck14 dagar sedan
  • Clickbait

    JarmoツJarmoツ14 dagar sedan
    • Jk

      JarmoツJarmoツ14 dagar sedan
  • Please play one game with me my username is faze.Rocco

    Boogbelldropper 23Boogbelldropper 2314 dagar sedan
  • Lol you copied cultures vid

    Syncere PreshonSyncere Preshon14 dagar sedan
  • Bro I think you are the best editor in the worlddddddd,all we have to smash the like

    Katerina PapachatziKaterina Papachatzi15 dagar sedan
  • you did 4 quad edits and you stopped bc you messed up bruv...

    Ishy_Ishy_15 dagar sedan
  • Can you add me my Name is jbruggeman

    Recon13 RiftRecon13 Rift15 dagar sedan
  • that doesnt count tf

    YeahleeeviYeahleeevi15 dagar sedan
  • Times Ryft goes god mood. 1. When it comes up to recon expert 2. In 1v1s 3. When it comes up to editing. Like if you agree

    Gavin BrownGavin Brown15 dagar sedan
  • THE RECON IS NOT UR SKIN!!!!!! IT`S NOBODYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Noah Is CrazyNoah Is Crazy15 dagar sedan
  • I'm crying😭😭😭

    Adoomy RashedAdoomy Rashed15 dagar sedan
  • yess go on ceep the recon

    Riley NoonanRiley Noonan16 dagar sedan
  • Your lyng

    something randomsomething random16 dagar sedan
  • Roses are red, Violets are blue, I just got clickbaited, And so did you.

    Ali KhaliliAli Khalili16 dagar sedan
  • why

    Yousif YaserYousif Yaser16 dagar sedan
  • My boy just copied goulz with the tumbnail

    DEMPSEYDEMPSEY16 dagar sedan
  • Ryft: Goodbye Recon RYFT AGAIN: UNLESS....

    SG DottedSG Dotted16 dagar sedan
    • Ikrrrr

      SZMH SOCKSSZMH SOCKS2 dagar sedan
    • Ikr

      tteyttey13 dagar sedan
  • evrytime he says recon leave a like

    Mafi FaaleagaMafi Faaleaga16 dagar sedan
  • Do an invisible sky base

    Ryan RubensteinRyan Rubenstein16 dagar sedan
  • How do u use ur pickaxe what button do u use and how do u use it

    Opposite DanOpposite Dan16 dagar sedan
  • When he siad my biggest friend but it was fakeify

    Tony LeTony Le16 dagar sedan
  • New viewers: the recon is not rare anymore, bruh

    ًً16 dagar sedan
  • Goulz did the same vis a month or 2 ago but with Goul trooper

    Messisoccerboy 2011Messisoccerboy 201116 dagar sedan
  • E`

    AromeyAromey17 dagar sedan
  • You’re so good ’e

    AromeyAromey17 dagar sedan
  • What is the map code or name

    H GoldH Gold17 dagar sedan
  • Ryft called not luc and asked him if he could float him 😂

    Sigurbjörn Reynir BjörgvinssonSigurbjörn Reynir Björgvinsson17 dagar sedan