240hz Monitor -
Mouse -
Keyboard -
Mic -
Headset -
Webcam -
Desk -
Ring Light -
LED Sign -
Mini Fridge -
Nanoleafs -
LED Strip -
i9-10900k 10 Core Processor
Z490 Motherboard
NZXT Kraken Z73
32GB RGB RAM 3600Mhz
Corsair QL120 Triple Pack X3 (9 Fans)
Lian Li O11 Dynamic Black Razer
850W Gold Power Supply
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  • I don't say this much but thank you guys for making this setup even possible in the first place. Love you guys ❤

    RyftRyft21 dag sedan
    • Setup

      Brian RosasBrian Rosas2 dagar sedan
    • Ily vids keep on grindin

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    • And to think we was homies and now you think I hacked you like come on ryft

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    • iloooooove the vids

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    • B

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  • I think maby go on setupwars on techsource and try to get in one of his vids so he can improve your cable management.😉😄

    urniurni6 timmar sedan
  • Ryft Hey I love the video and how much is for your mouse pad and Where did you get it from.

    Corey WesleyCorey Wesley7 timmar sedan
  • I cant watch this beacuse of all the LED lights and other things that blinks

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  • Sky light porgector

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  • Cool setup ryft

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  • can you do a locker tour

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  • *Ryft* *that one rich friend you had in elementary school*

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  • 2:14 are you shore you take breaks I wish I could edit as fast

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  • Ok amor ok I

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  • Cooooooooooooooooooool

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  • Cool bro i respect you

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  • your room is so free

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  • I think you need a sofa for tv

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  • Your room is so coooooooooooooooooooooool

    The Taylor’s TaylorThe Taylor’s Taylor6 dagar sedan
  • Literally edited the video and putted your face on the pc🤣🤣 nice gaming setup..

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  • What are all of your settings

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  • Cool setup bro I’m a fan

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  • Flex

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  • انا عربي نبغا ترجمه

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  • This nigga tall

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  • Coolest set ever 😎

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  • Why is the LED lights the coolest thing for you?🤔

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  • POSTERS!!!!! XD

    the grandpa guythe grandpa guy9 dagar sedan
  • And then someone goes to play on his PC and they noticed the editing keys are loose

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  • THE BIG Ryft

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  • Please don’t cuss. It’s a sin O

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  • Is this one percent house

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  • Him having a 10k setup me that Just got a TV And a xbox that is 6 years old

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  • Raft if you read this I just want to say you are the best SEslowr ever I love your vids so much I am the first one to see your vid I use your creator code I am a good player on Nintendo switch we can make some content together I love you vids it would be my dream for I can meet you you are so cool man

    Diana AcostaDiana Acosta10 dagar sedan
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  • Alternative title: my eyes go bad because I have so many unnecessary led lights because they look cool

    Caiden Mete KingiCaiden Mete Kingi11 dagar sedan
  • You’re step uncle is my friend

    Chassidy SpaniolChassidy Spaniol11 dagar sedan
  • The keyboard actually is outdated for like a year now you should try out the gk61 with gatereon switches its way faster and more accurate

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  • my man said the ring light was afordable because it was a hundred bucks like i aint hatin but sheesh

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  • Ayo bro I spent 10k on my setup for a free game bro.

    one dollar? WOWone dollar? WOW11 dagar sedan
  • 4:50

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  • Does anyone know what kind of nzxt kraken z73 is it like 2 fans or 3 anyone?!?!?

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  • Just for play fortnite serious 😒

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  • Why did you have tfue set up searched. Lol

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  • Rift it’s fine it gets the job done Me Boy if you don’t get that out of here

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  • I’m sad now😭 my setup sucks.

    RyftlessRyftless13 dagar sedan
  • Ryft: has 3 240hz monitors!! Also ryft: my coolest thing is my ryft led sign.

    Tino StabellTino Stabell13 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for the setup info bro

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  • O it’s only 100 dollars

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  • What are the tile lights

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  • is purple your favorite color are you just like it

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  • Your dream was I have a Xbox series X in your room?

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  • Insane setup! At 3:17 its just a motion track😂

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  • Ryft in his intro-🔮

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  • You didnt add the router

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  • Tfu setup😂

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  • Hey rift i know u wont see this but if u do why is your thumbnail like mcreamys room tour thumbnail?

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  • You already know the insane keyboard, the insane mouse the insane monitors the insane pc the insane edits and the insane macros

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  • I love your setup ryft

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  • Let see how many sub I can get Right now: 28

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  • What is your microphone and boom arm

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  • I actually own the same thing just red and without the hexagon lights

    7A7A15 dagar sedan
  • I bet Kyle would say you still pour yet you have over 1 million pounds/ dollars cuz he jealous

    Masters of TechMasters of Tech15 dagar sedan
  • U could buy a ps5 and buy a lg gaming monitor

    Avaneesh PurekarAvaneesh Purekar15 dagar sedan
  • get a better mouse pad led mouse pad

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  • best gaming setup

    Kathy IsherwoodKathy Isherwood15 dagar sedan
  • i prefer hanging up the play buttons on the empty wall behind your monitors

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  • ad a subscriber wall

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  • Yo should put the nano leafs around your ryft sign

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  • This is Sick so fire

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  • So cool

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  • Really 🔥 setup

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  • this is dope

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  • Use code ryft

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  • Hey ryft wanna 1v1 for 10000

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  • Me be like I dont have a set up

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  • I got your back

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  • Do you play any sport and if you do what is your favorite mine is soccer

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  • The main reason behind being the world's Fastest fortnite editor

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  • Your room is clean that's what makes the setup pop

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  • do a razer huntsman mini review

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  • ok now HOUSE TOUR!!!!!!!!

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  • He says it’s only 100 dollars

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  • My parents said if I get a 100 thousand subs by the end of the year they’ll get me a sick pc

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  • I play on a laptop that runs at 50 fps pls don’t make fun of me 😢

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  • Nice setup man I wish I had a setup like that btw my setup is a chromebook only

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